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Hello, don’t pet the Cala, shes bites.

ooh :slight_smile:

DIE NEWBIE!!! pets the Cala

Cala doesn’t bite! She mauls…or hammers into doomsday.

Uriel, it depends on who pets. If it’s you or someone else I hate, I bash them into the ground. If it’s Val or cool people, it’s fun time. ^.~

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I dont know why, but seeing that as the first reply made me laugh.

In the interests of experimentation … [pets Cala]


((Note that you experiment with petting me at your own risk. The results can vary depending on my mood, who you are, and if you pet the right way.))




*pets Cala


licks Cala

Am I one of the cool people? pets the Cala

pets the Cala

Oooh soft! :mwahaha:

Anyway, welcome to RPGC, the biggest looney bin on the Net.

purrs and claws GG

scoops Cala up in her arms and blows a raspberry on her stomach :slight_smile:

grabs Cala and tickles her

Hmm… I bet Cala just adoooooores newbies…

goes away to pet Cala

returns with right arm missing

EDIT: Wow… my intro thread is now the official “Pet-cala-and-see-what-happens-thread.”

Cala, what did I do to make you not like me? I didnt think you didn’t like me… T.T

When are you gonna pull your head out of your ass and realize that nobody likes you?

Sorc, a lot of people like me, it’s just that they don’ttalk to you, & I don’t like <b>you</b> to begin with.

waves to Cala as she tears one of the boys apart

Ooooo…that’s gonna leave a mark.

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ba lot of people like me(…)[/b]

Your imaginary friends don’t count. (I’ve always wanted to say that)