Episode III, The Backstroke of the West

Holy cow, this is great. This page has screenshots taken from a bootleg copy of the Chinese version of Episode III. It has subtitles literally translated from teh Chinese interpretation of the script.

So you get things like Anakin originally saying: “Obi Wan, may the force be with you” Which turns to: “Ratio tile, the wish power are together with you”

There are many other similar butcherings. Check them out here.


I loved it.

The geography that I stands compares to you superior


A cousin of mine has a much better copy from China. His copy is actually dvd quality, is in English, and has no subtitles. It even has a cool bow and box cover. Only mes-up is slightly into the final credits where that time thing appears and the music stops, but it’s big deal.

Thanks, I haven’t laughed at bad translations in a while. That made me laugh, and it felt good.

It are not of the lated trans goodness!!

I the love feeling am for that similar obtusiveness. :smiley:

It got like that because Jabricruds translated it.

OMG I just read it! Whomever did that translation must have had been under effect of LSD while doing it.

WTF, the jedi are presbyterian priests now?