Episode 3

With less than a year to go, will it suck?

I still think George is holding back on us. I’m hoping he won’t let us down a second time.

I won’t pass any judgements until I see it. I DO know that this is George Lucus’s last chance for redemption…lets hope he doesn’t screw it up.

When Episode 3 is released, he will be either God or Satan.

I have a feeling it’s gonna suck.

It will undoubtably suck, but I’ll see it in theaters anyway.

I heard the fight between Obi Wan and Anakin is going to be…

listen well…

…on surfboards over lava.

If so, this will be the worst movie ever. If not, well, it’s still salvageable.

I don’t know about surfboards over lava but if you read some of the Star Wars books you learn that that’s really what happened to him, during a fight with Obi Wan, Anakin fell into lava.

Bah, seeing on how he traded story/soul/every thing else for Techology and big flashy effects…I see little chance that this movie will be good.

Am not passing judgement either, but I have a strong feeling that it’s going to be a letdown. The last two movies have been really disappointing.

It will suck like nothing has ever sucked before.

But I’m still gonna see it…

Oh, I know, but from my interpretation, the battle took place on a thin bridge/ledge thing, sorta mortal kombat where you get knocked off and it’s a fatality.

Episode 3 has a robot jedi, it will be horrible

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Yeah, I heard that one too. I’ve been pretty forgiving with the first two movies, and am usually the first one to defend them and all. They’re not nearly as good as the original trilogy, but on their own their pretty good movies, I would say. So saying I am hoping that Episode III will be good. The rumored name, “Birth of the Empire”, isn’t spectacular, but isn’t horrible either. And it was said that the lightsaber fight would be 12 minutes long, which would be really neat.
But on hearing this…it casts somewhat of a fearful light on the hopes of it being a really good movie. That, and I’ve heard that it’s going to be less than 2h. NO Star Wars movie has ever been less than 2h; what are they thinking?
There was a time when I was more a fan of Star Wars than anything else, which is why I still defend the prequels. But I admit it is getting a little hard to keep writing off certain mistakes. The series has undoubtedly begun to lose its charm.

Honestly I thought episodes 1 and 2 were good, not as good as 4-6, but still good. I feel most people were expecting too much out of the movies and they were let down. The criticism about flashy special effects is BS too, in the days the first 3 were made they were using flashy special effects. All the movies have the same things in common, they have corny dialogue and some of the best special effects of the time. The major difference is the 25? year time gap and the main characters.