Well. I’ve been thinking lately, and thinking a lot, about what I want to do with my life and whatnot. What DO I want? Well currently, I am thinking about being a paralegal. My choices are limited because I am a very weak math and science student. I excel in arts and english, but I don’t like…subjects where I have to rely on my talent to succeed. Thus, following up on something to do with those two is out of the question at all. That’s why I turned to Law. I’m a big Law and Order fan and that helped me in my decision. Ha ha ha. I’m just kidding, that’s not why.But paralegal is something that I’m very serious about. Maybe someday down the road I’ll become a lawyer. I’m not sure. So anyway, that was one of my few choices. The other one I thought about was library technian. Yes I’m a nerd, so sue me, but anyone working for the Department of Education here makes good money! Maybe I’ll do that later, too. But for now, paralegal.

NOW for the epiphany part. Don’t laugh. So I’ve been having guilt trips lately and have been thinking about what I could do, to help society around me. People are jerks, so I am really thinking about getting more involved in what makes me happy as well as helping others. others as in, animals. I am a very big animal lover and am quite the nature girl. Lately, I have been looking into organizations I could donate to, and join, but I want to do more than that. I don’t just want to give money, I want to help out. Maybe even dedicate my life to improving conditions for endangered canadian wildlife and whatnot. Working in a zoo. I work as a sales associate right now, and while I only work minimum wage (6.50) I wouldn’t mind ditching the professional atmosphere to get dirty and tired, working in an outdoor environment picking up shit all day. Among other things. many other things. That’s how serious I am I guess. Last year, I gave up that little dream of mine (to work with animals) because a) I don’t have the brains to get accepted into an animal health program and b) I thought it would be too emotional for me. And that still stands but I’m more…determined now. There’s got to be more out there than vets and animal techs. What can I do, guys? What is environment studies? What can I expect? What can I do with my life, or even my spare time? Like I’ve said, any schooling that involves math and science pretty much gaurantees that I will not have anything to do with that sort of occupation, but there has to be more out there…any ideas?! I am wracking my brain, but I honestly don’t know where to start looking, to help myself.

Also, I really want to start taking horseback riding lessons? They are expensive, right? What can I expect? Don’t tell me a broken back, that’ll scare me. It’s been something I’ve always wanted to do and now that I have a job I can make it happen…any websites you can direct me to?

twiddles thumbs i hate being serious like this!

Mission Objectives:

Become a lawyer.
Join the ACLU.

Secondary Objectives:

Join community improvement programs.

I can’t give you advice on what to do with your life since I myself don’t have the smallest idea of what I’m gonna do with mine, but horsback riding is cool. I took classes, it’s not hard at all and the feeling of riding a speeding horse if freaking great.

I would definitely recommend doing some volunteer work now and then, regardless of what work that ends up being. The feeling of using your free time to help others out is very uplifting and very satisfying, and on top of that, you’ll meet and work with people that will help you realize that there are still a great deal of good-hearted people in the world.

And as for postsecondary school, go for the paralegal thing. You sound as if you’re really interested in it. But when it comes time to start school, don’t be swayed by the amount of classes you have to take that have seemingly no relation to your field of study. You’ll get to the interesting stuff soon enough. 8)

But in the meantime, enjoy your freedom. Many students take a year to “discover themselves” right after high school, and this may very well be your year. It’s only natural to worry about the future now, because now’s the time to think about what you’re going to do with your life, and how you’re going to go about doing that. Good luck to you. 8)

“I think I’ve just had an apostraphe!”

Cookies to anyone who knows what that’s from.

It’s good that you have a plan, and something you want to do, go for it!

Horseback riding is dangeroussssss ::dekar!::
And yea, become a lawyer.

Good luck.

Going outside is dangerous. The sun gives you cancer. Fuck it! Everyone needs risk once in a while.


Being a paralegal is a low pay, shit dead end job comparable to that of a secretary. If you want to be a legal secretary, work in a law office as an assistant-front desk person to have some experience at what its like in the office and to see what they have to put up with for so little. Then make a decision.

Thanks for the advice and well wishes everyone! Now for Sin’s comment :stuck_out_tongue: I’ve gotten that before, but it all depends on where you work and what job you apply for. Some paralegals in the US work for shitty 5 bucks an hour whereas others work for 17 or even more- it depends on the place, like I’ve said, and your education. In Canada paralegals tend to get paid on a higher average than the US (or Nova Scotia does, at least). It all depends on varying factors. I’ve recognized that, and will strive to be the best paralegal or even legal secretary (which is what you’ve mentioned) I can be, so I don’t get stuck with the crappy stuff. Who knows, I might even open my own little firm someday.

Paralegals in the states, get “nice pay” but I wouldn’t call an untaxed salary of 50k after 20 years of experience something that great. And EVEN if they might get paid more numerically in Canada, the exchange favors the states and you people are more taxed than in the states in a lot of ways, so net, you’re getting screwed. Sure, some secretaries have nice pay. That works anywhere. Are they the majority? No. When you look at things, don’t look at what you could do if everything worked right at the best places. Look at how they tend to work.

As much as you can thank everyone for their kind words, you have to realize who you’re talking to and why they’re saying it. Consider your audience when you get a question and a response. You should thank me for being honest and realistic with you and not baby you like the rest of them so they can all maintain a nice , collective facade.

Having goals and ambitions is important in life. Being realistic and informed about it is completely different and I’ve seen hordes of uniformed , unrealistic people plan out things they knew nothing about because of idealized visions and lack of experience.

Haha sigh I wont even bother. i’m going to work for the Department of Justice and that’s the end of it. Anything 30k and up, I’m fine with. I’ll find a husband to mooch off of.

That sounds good, you should find one of the many desparate males on this board to do that.

mouth waters for you

Well, I have no idea what the hell a paralegal is, but horse-riding’s great fun. Enjoy. :smiley:

Hey Eva, why don’t you get into music? If you could write music, then not only would you be really cool, but your chances of scoring with me will go up from 0 percent to 1 percent!

Oh baby this is my lucky day. Unfortunately, I have no interest in writing music- only listening and being moved by it. I’m one of those people who likes the finished results. So sadly, our love will have to burn.

So this has basically mutated from “I want to be a paralegal” to “Eva hits on everyone who replies here”. Sounds hot.