EotA: Twilight

With the newest version they have done a lot of cool things (Such as optimizing load times/computer power/whatever) and I know a lot of used to play. Me Kaland Sonic have recently started playing quite a bit again.

Two new heros, and one really cool change was an “experience” system that just does little tiny (Nothing that really effects how powerful your character is) helpful things as you level up. Also, it’s no longer a big rush to get all the towers or mercs, mercs dont live nearly as long as they used to (Although they are still annoying) and towers now use

We’ve started playing a lot with the EotA clan members (We’re all members now), who all happen to be on quite a bit. So yeah, I guess I’ll have Kal or Sonic run onto the chat to invite you guys whenever.

For those of you who have no idea what I’m talking about, Eve of the Apocalpyse: Twilight is an (AoS) custom map for WC3 FT, and it easily one of the best ones around.