As the title says this thread is about endings,what have been some of the best endings you see,and also what have been some of the worst.It can be from anything from animes and games to TV series and movies.

Note:this might contain spoilers.

some good endings:
1.Lufia 2:I mean it’s so sad yet so very well made,it can actually make people shed a tear.
2.Chrno Crusade:I liked the ending,incredibly sad thought

Some bad endings:
1.FFVII:I mean the ending sucked,plain and simple,sure it might be fixed with the movie but still back then i was WTF?

Cheers has one of the best endings in TV history. Same with the second Bob Newhart show.

Star Tropics - It was pretty cool for the time and wrapped everything up well.
All the MGS games have awesome endings.
NES Ninja Gaidens - Similar to Star Tropic.
FF8 - Wrapped everything up well and ended very happily.
FF4 - Similar to FF8.

Halo 2 - For the reasons I made the thread (its non-ending).
DW1 - Just lame.
Goldeneye - Great game, lame ending. It just sort of ended.

I’ll add more as I think of them.

Best Ending: I’ll have to say Chrono Trigger, or the final episode of Seinfeld.
The last episode of Friends will have a good ending too, just because I’m glad it’s finally over.

Worst Ending: DQ1/DW1, Goldeneye, being killed by electric chair or firing squad(RL ending)

Best ending(s) I can think of right now would be:

Cardcaptor Sakura (the manga) - I just thought it was cute.
Cowboy Bebop (anime) - Not sure exactly why I liked it, just did.
Lufia 2 - For the same reason Mastermune liked it.

That’s all I can think of for now. I’ll most likely post again later (or edit this one).

My favorites:
[li]Final fantasy IX. Sniff that was beautiful ;_;
[/li][li]Chrono Trigger… any of the final endings with Crono alive.
[/li][li]Lufia 2. Same opinion.
[/li][li]Terranigma. It got really interesting at the end, didn’t it?
[/li][li]Chrono Cross. I would have liked it to a bit less vague, but it was still really touching.

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air had a good series ending too.

Futurama had the best ending ever. It almost made me shed a tear.

I think my dad told me about that one. Is it the one when he sells the property of the inn to japanese business men, and then he gets in the head with a golfball, waking him up in his bed from his other show, making the whole series a dream?

Yes. Yes it is. The ultimate swerve.

awesome. I gotta catch that one when they show it; that show has been on the comedy network for a while now.


Chrono Trigger: The one where Crono talks.
Final Fantasy VII: I like that there’s at least one RPG out there wherethe human race is destroyed even if you kill the end boss.

Halo 2: Just WTF. Seriously WTF?

I loved that ending! It really was the ‘ultimate swerve’ and made the entire show a hell of a lot funnier.

As for my favourite, I have to give it to the anime ‘Blue Midnight’. After the main character finally gets the vengeance he has sought after the entire series, nearly a hundred episodes long, the man he killed for vengeance asks as he is dying ‘Who was really killed today, Jovian?’
Unhappy as hell, but I loved it.

Lufia 2 had a great ending. Other good ones were Chrono Trigger and FF4.

Well, Cowboy Bebop, had a great ending.
I mean ya just can’t beat an ending like that.

The last season of Angel also had a pretty good ending. It was a fitting ending, after everything that had happened. The same way that the Cowboy Bebop ending was fitting.


(Video Game…duh) KH- Great, but sad. ;_;

(Anime) Final Fantasy Unlimited- I thought most of the series was really crappy, but I liked the end a lot…Except they killed off one of the few good characters Ru.

(Anime) Nurse Witch Komugi- The end just plain rocked. Even if the series only had 6 episode…evile.


(Anime) Birth- Oh, GOD! I hated the end of this movie so much! It made apsolutely NO sense, and if you’re going to have all the main characters supposedly die, and have two weird people talking but you can’t even HEAR them, atleast explain what the hecks happened, and what’s going on besides that there’s a war, and a trippy sword type thing!

I’ll think of more later.

I saw the ROD movie on Cartoon Network last Saturday. It was kind of sad.

The ending to Metal Gear Solid 3 was spectacular. I almost shed a tear, what with the awesome ending scene, and the Metal Gear theme in it… so magnificant!

Silence thee of little faith (who said it was nothing special; go play very easy again :p).

MGS3 had the best ending for a game that I’ve seen. Granted all the other MG games I’ve played (still need to get off my ass and play the MSX MGs) have a really great ending, this one surpassed them all.

Silence thee of little faith (who said it was nothing special; go play very easy again :p).

I am replaying it… on Very Easy. I overwrote my ending file, and now I got to go all the way back up to there, to see the spectacular ending again.