He’s not quite as annoying as the Sprint Guy or the Verizion “Do You Hear Me Now?” guy though.

i liked the dell guy myself. i know alot of my friends didnt but im just weird like that

edit- the enzyte Bob guy is also awesome :hahaha;

Some TV commercials are so annoying you have to wonder about the kind of market research behind them. I’m glad the “Unofficial Guy” is gone.

But the worst commercial currently on the air, in my opinion, is the Bacardy “Fly guy” commercial. Makes NO sense and looks creepy!

And just to be fair, I’ll vote for BEST commercial too: the I-Pod commercials. They (literally) rock!!!

Well, I find the most annoying adverts are actually the ones that stick in your head moreso than the neutral ones, so that was probably their intention :stuck_out_tongue:

I liked the new wendies ads on the radio