Emulation to be legal on "video games that require machines no longer available"


problem is, Wii’s Virtual-Console breaks that for anything but arcades
Hey MAME’s gonna be legal :dancer:

the ability fo the doomed Wii to play old games will not rule it illegal


Yes, it will.

Sorry to threaten you with polls, Zhare, but gamer opinion seems to overwhelmingly lean towards belief in the Wii.

Let’s not turn this into another retarded console war.

Soooo the emulator is legal, but the copyrighted intellectual property that is the code of the game is still considered “owned” by the company who licensed it, right? So roms are still illegal? Doesn’t seem like much changed or did i miss something?

Emulators were already legal. Breaking locks to make copies of software was illegal, but now it is legal for software made for systems that are no longer available, for archival purposes. I am guessing this is to allow it to be stored on a newer system. The article doesn’t mention being able to make copies for anything other than archival purposes. Distributing roms is still illegal. I am completely unsure about actually playing roms on an emulator.

Wait, ROMS and Emus were illegal before? :wink:

As I understand it, you may buy the license of a videogame and then play it in an emulator. The new regulation allows you to break copy-protection of a piece of software in order to use it in a system other than the one it was designed for - but it does not automatically give you a license for said piece of software.

And WTF, expiring in three years? So they’re basically saying, “if you want to circumvent copy protection you better hurry because in three years it’ll be illegal again”?

I think it would have to be passed as legislation for it to be a permanant thing, they’re just exploring the possibility of this being a real law first. I dunno though.

The console wars gave meaning to the 90s.

<i>Long ago, the War of the Consoles reduced the internet to a scorched wasteland, and consoles simply ceased to exist.

10 years have passed… Graphics, control schemes, and gameplay have been rediscovered, and high technology reigns…

But there are some who would enslave the world by reviving the dread destructive force known as “Next Generation.”

Can it be that those in power are on the verge of repeating a senseless and deadly mistake?</i>

I was thinking of saying something thoughtful/insightful, but just nevermind

The passing of this law seems a bit to close to the launch of the Wii almost like a coincidence or something.:eek:

VICKS: There’s the town…

WEDGE: Hard to believe a Console’s been found intact in there, 1000
years after the War of the Consoles…

VICKS: Think it’s still alive?

WEDGE: Probably… …judging from the urgency of our orders.

VICKS: And this woman, this…gamer. Why’s she here? I heard she
fried 50 of our Space Invaders in under 3 seconds.

WEDGE: Not to worry. The TV Ads on her head rob her of all
conscious thought. She’ll follow our orders.

WEDGE: We’ll approach from the east. Move out!


Kitty approves!

I still hate to see a new generation of troops marchin’ out there with ope in their souls, same way I did back in ‘90s. I used to think Sega could change the world. I saw my dreams run through my fingers like the blood I shed in those wars running over my hand. I saw the Dreamcast go down in flames.
I found hope again with the Sony Playstation, only to see that wash away to as the sony bastards I went out to fight for stabbed me in the back with the overpriced, shoddy PS2. They stabbed me in my metaphorical back and sold my mutilated body as a canoe; specifically, a canoe travelling up the river.
Maybe the gave the ‘90s meaning, but they took the lives and the meaning from the lives of a lotta good men. You got ask yourself, was it worth it? I saw a lotta good men die. I killed men marching under the 64-Alliance banner I probably woulda sat down and shared a drink with, because they wanted ugly yellow C-buttons, and I wanted geometric shapes on my buttons.
It hurts to see it all playin’ over again, like some bad acid flashback of the same memory with newer technology. Same war with bigger guns. It’s just gonna be like before. Nobody’s gonna win. It’s like Beowulf an’ the Dragon. The inevitability of fate. Nobody’s makin’ it outta this war, boys. This time’s the end.

You guys remind me of that flash where they made the ending parts of Final Fantasy VI with consoles instead of humans (and hybrid), and Playstation Pocket instead of Kefka.