Emulating Valkyrie Profile...

I’ve been playing Valkyrie Profile using ePSXe, the P.e.O.P.S. video plugin and the Eternal SPU plughin. For some strange reason the game decides to cut out speech every now and then. This isn’t usually an issue, because it normally happens in battle and the fight just keeps on truckin’, but recently it has started occuring during cutscenes, causing the game to refuse to advance (though it still responds, as L1 still brings up the dialogue history). I can usually get it to go clear through after a couple of tries, but the scene I’m on now is being very stubborn. Any ideas as to how to fix this issue? I have tried applying an alledged fix in my SPU plugin, but it still doesn’t work.

What sound options do you have enabled? The P.e.O.P.S. DSound Audio Driver 1.7 plugin works fine with it.

I got the same problem. I changed plugins for cutscenes where that happened, even though the sound was much more horrible during the time.

I seem to have discovered why it didn’t seem to work with the “game specific fix”. I loaded an actual save file and it worked fine after the fix, but if I load an old save state the sound breaks again. I guess the fucked up audio got saved with the state.

As for what options I have enabled: I am using Eternal SPU Plugin 1.41 using directsound wtih a buffer size of 64, SPUasync in smooth mode, Neill’s reverb, and 2 SPU IRQ hacks that are supposed to fix the sound in VP and a few other games. My audio seems to work now, but I may go hunting up new plugins sometime soon for good measure. Eternal was highly praised back when I first started fooling with psx emulation 6-8 months ago and never gave me any problems till now.