Emulating Phantasy Star Collection (GBA).

I use Visual Boy Advance. I’ve tried out different ROMs, and both have the same problem - the game resets while it’s showing a company logo (don’t remember which one…it’s a screen or two after the usual GBA turn-on screen). Anyone out there emulate this game yet, or is anyone aware of a reason I might not be able to?

The actual cartridge does that too. It’s a glitch or something like that in the game.

(Note: Dai’s cartridge does that but mine doesn’t. Mine however crashes when I save the game.)

Fair enough. Is there anyway I can actually play the thing successfully through emulation, though?

Edit: I’d really appreciate information on this. It’s for official shrine purposes…honestly.

My cartridge has never crashed at a company logo or while saving or any other time (although I did hear that it ocasionally crashes when saving the game in PS…it’s never happened to me though).

Anyway, RPT, why do you need to be emulating PSC for “official shrine purposes” anyway? As far as I know, there are no differences between the PSC versions of the game and the originals. Why don’t you just emulate the original versions? Or do you know something that I don’t? The only thing I can think of off the top of my head is that you’re planning a hacking list or something…

Mapping. I’m hoping that when they ported them over to the GBC, the games took on the layering that Nintendo games usually have…instead of the small number of layers on the Genesis. Plus, Gens doesn’t have the option to turn layers on and off, and Genecyst (or whatever the one by Bloodlust is), which does, gives me sound problems.

You’re not using Genecyst because of sound problems? Don’t you have any mp3s to listen to or anything? If you can’t get PSC to emulate (ironic…emulating something being emulated on something else…), you may have to suffer through the horrible sound problems.

(BTW, RPT, do you EVER check your email, or do you check it and just not respond?)

Hm? That’s weird. I’ve played a ROM of Phantasy Star Collection using VBA ever since it came out, never had any problems like that. There’s an error message there, yes, but I can just hit the ‘ok’ button and it’ll continue. The first game has graphical glitches, but PS II and III play just fine.

Is the error msg something about the sound BIOS? (Like MetFusion)

I used VBA, and got no error msg. It just wouldn’t fucking start.

That’s right, it’s the same message. Using Metroid Fusion’s BIOS doesn’t make it go away, but eh, it’s just for the sound on that single screen apparently. The sound works just fine in the rest of the game. Really strange, this is. So I just happened to get the one ROM that does work, or something?

It’s not Metroid Fusion’s BIOS, it’s the bios for the GBA, period. Or so I think based on my pitiful knowledge of emulation, but it’s called gba.bios and all the other games bitch about the savestates being incompatible, so…

Anyway, PSC isn’t exactly a priority, especially since a few days after getting the not fucking working ROM, I got D2+X. Nuff said.

Reveal unto me thine secrets, Macc…or send me that ROM sometime. No rush, though, I’ve got plenty to keep me busy.