I think it’s important that somebody is saying some of the things he says.

I alternate between viewing him as cynical genius and as derivative hack. I think he’s something of both.

Buried in between calling Christina Aguillera a dirty slut and calling out Moby for a fight, and his use of “Gay” as a label of insult and abuse, and pandering and cheap shock value…

…there’s an interesting and insightful social message/question asked here and there. I just wonder how many fans are paying enough attention to pick up on them. Much like South Park, there’s brilliant social commentary (sometimes) hiding underneath a lot of crude body-part humor and shock value.

Personaly I don’t like the guy… but ill admit… Some of his songs are decent.

I agree, there is a lot of social commentary in his music. Stan is a song about a derenged and obsessed Eminem fan - that’s a real issue some artists have to face. In the Real Slim Shady he says that sometimes he just wants to get on tv and let loose, but it’s cool for Tom Green to hump a dead moose? Which is true, there is some outrageous stuff on TV - we’ve got some people eating slugs on Fear Factor, but we can’t seem to stomach someone like Eminem? In “the Way I am”, he’s saying that he doesn’t really care what the critics say anymore, whatever they say, is what he is.

The depth of what Eminem is saying unfortunatly goes to waste on his mindless youth fanbase and the shallow critics who try to keep him from making music.

I’ve never liked Eminem or any rap/hip-hop for that matter.

I despise him.

He seems talented in music, but he is a moron in real life.

IMO, he’s like Avril Lavigne, people listen to him for the image, not the music.

erm…if your insinuating that Eminem has a gangster image, you’re sadly mistaken. If I wanna listen to someone for a gangster image, I’ll listen to 50, nas, 2pac, or biggie.

Eminem has about as much of a gangster image as Avril has a punk image.

I don’t think he was implying that. I guess. I also don’t think Eminem has a gangster image, rather he holds the title of agressiveness and rebellious-ness(is that even a word?) for many mindless teenagers and pre teens who worship him for name only, rather then getting the point of most of his songs. Eminem is so not gangster. He seemed to move away from that awhile ago. That’s why I kind of like him, he’s good and he doesn’t hold that ghetto attitude towards himself.

Originally posted by Bakufan19
IMO, he’s like Avril Lavigne, people listen to him for the image, not the music.

That isn’t true. Avril never said- or even implied- that she was punk.

Eminem never said- or even implied- that he was a “gangsta.”

You’re silly.

: Mr. Singing Smilie sings ‘There is a guy called Emininem: Who pretends he can sing. Yeah right. Even I sing better, and that doesn’t say little. Isn’t it rap, that he sings? That isn’t music, that is rap. I’m not singing rap: It just looks that way. No, not a rap at all.’

I haven’t liked any of the songs I’ve heard by Eminem, and I don’t like rap: Which is, if I’m not mistaken, what he sings.

image = style = clothing (essentially)

Girls at my school are showing up for yearbook pictures in ties. Avril started that.

Originally posted by Bakufan19
Girls at my school are showing up for yearbook pictures in ties. Avril started that.

I don’t think that is a bad image to imitate- if they even know what it means when they do that. :stuck_out_tongue:

By the way, I never said that Eminem was ‘gangsta’ or ‘Avril’ is punk.

Eminem IS encouraging younger people to become rappers though. Kids (i’m talking 9-10 year olds) listen to him pretty much only because it’s ‘cool’. I mean, when I was that age, I was listening to freakin Eiffel 65 because they sounded ‘cool’ and they were the flavour of the month. Then I grew up.

“Kids listen to him pretty much only because it’s ‘cool’.”

Such is the world on many levels.

Just because something is the flavor of the month does not mean that it is a bad thing. And Eminem is definately not that- since he is still here.

I don’t like his music- but you have to admit that he is not a bad artist, and he actually has something to say (unlike most music artists, not just rap, out there). I think that you’re being ridiculous.

I don’t like music because its popular- but I don’t DISLIKE things because they are popular, either. That is just shallow.

Usually, flavors of the month are something that amuses someone (cough hampster dance cough). Of course Eminem has staying power, and I know he’s not a bad artist but he’s a wife-beater, he makes fun of people he barely knows, and you can’t deny that.

I eventually dislike songs because they are overplayed to the extent of where I want to burn the radio station down.

Well, hey, if you guys dont’ like him, you’ve got every right to :slight_smile:
But, I just wanted to make clear and my liking of him is very uncommon. Lemme put it this way.

I HATE hip\hop.
The VAST majority of it is about drugs and killing bitches.
Eminem is the ONLY rap artist that I like.
I think he is very talented, he can put words together like no one else.
And as a song writer myself, I have learned to appretiate what he writes.