Emergency Evacuation Notice for the Rochester Area and surrounding counties

MegamanX2K has his learner’s permit.

Just thought I’d give everyone ample warning.

RUN, RUN FOR YOUR LIIIIVESSSSSSS!!!:runaway: :runaway:

Aww! A license in New York? That’s so cute. Kinda like having snow shoes in Hawaii.

please… do not let this spill over into Vermont, New Hampshire, and then Maine… ^_^;;;

No promises! twitches uncontrollably

Seriously, I feel like Ozzy Osbourne on crack.

Aww! I could just pinch your cheeks you’re so cute, X2K!

You fool! I’m in possession of a weapon weighing over 1,000 kgs, five gallons of adrenaline, and no common sense!

Aww! Our little despot is all grown up!

Man, what a coinkydink! I just got my permit today, too!

I’m personally gonna drive down to rochester, find you, and drive so close to your damn car that you’re scared you’re going to hit me and never drive again.

Then again, I don’t want my car dinged up ;_;

I go out for my road test in two weeks, fear FEAR!!!

Nice, X.

I’ve got my permit as well.

I’ve had my permit… now to actually get my license :stuck_out_tongue:

I already have my license. All those mortals in Tulare County fear me.

Congrats, X…now all you need a car that can transform into a big-ass mech.:mwahaha:

Am I glad I don’t live in the USA.

If I had bothered to get a lisence, I could have started driving more than a year ago. Just haven’t gotten around to it yet. And I’m bad enough on a bicycle.

Don’t forget the Rocket boosters!

Once I get my learner’s permit in 1 or 2 years, all of Arizona will be fleeing in terror…

Originally posted by Nulani
Am I glad I don’t live in the USA.

That makes two of us. Send me a postcard with the faces of the poor people that drive close to you.