Email question, urgent

I’m applying online for a position at an animal shelter I have worked previously and um, my hotmail email isn’t appropriate to send my resume and questions, soooo…any suggestions on where I can sign up for a free, reliable email? One that probably wont be blocked by most companies, yet will be trustworthy enough to devlier messages? My student email, issued to me by my school wont send messages half of the time which really frustratrates me. I want to use it to send me resume but I’m scared it wont send and I don’t want to be sitting here waiting without knowing that it fucked up.

This is an emergency and I’ve looked through AOL, Lycos and Sympatico (which apparently is run by MSN now, DAMMIT) and I’ve yet to be satisfied. I need to send my resume off ASAP but I need to sign up for a decent email…

There really aren’t many incredibly awesome public mail providers, try the one your ISP gave you, or get your own pop adress (for instance, at rpgc or the ffc).

I don’t know how to work Internet Outlook though…I can’t accress my mom’s email through the ISP site, but I used to through Outlook and then I did something concerning switching identities and now I can’t even send email… is almost always up. 15 MB of storage, too.

It’s not very hard, do you still have your ISP mail info? It should be in a letter you got, and else you might be able to look around on the site of your ISP as to making additional adresses.

Cala that email doesn’t sound very well…known and with my experience, those emails tend to be blocked or are unable to send messages as I see fit cuz they can’t connect or whatever :\

TD, negative, to that and I’m looking around on and I’m finding jack.

Can’t you sign up for another with hotmail?

Well yes, but hotmail addresses tend to be blocked, sifted with spam or not looked at at all from what I’m guessing…I’d like to sign up with an @msn email but they don’t seem to do that anymore. might help

Well, the site I linked has three different e-mails…

Thank you TD flutters eyelashes I was hoping you’d do that.

Thanks for trying Cala, but I think I’m gonna frig around with outlook now.

This is just a wild shot but I figured that I’d ask anyway. Does this shelter have a website that you can copy/paste the resume onto and send it direct? I’ve been job searching lately and a lot of websites have that nowadays…

It has an email but it’s different from the one given on the job posting. Anyways, I sent it from my mom’s email, so hopefully it sends. My happiness and financial well being depends on it ;_;

My hotmail account doesn’t get any spam, maybe from msn itself every now and again, thats it.

Good luck.

I use Yahoo! mail and I don’t have any problems with that. No spam either. And they just recently upped their storage to 100 megs.

I know many local companies that use AOL and Hotmail accounts. It would surprise me if a shelter would block such an address.