Elfen Lied

I’m still just on episode 6, but EEEEW! They’re COUSINS!!! That’s sooo gross! :eek:

Nyu is a different species so that’s even more gross but I don’t hear you complaining about that >:E

It’s not gross for Nyu cuz she’s cute.

I just find it funny that a couxinXcousin relationship is the most gruesome thing you find in Elfen Lied. By chapter 6 you should have found plenty of other things to groan about >_>

Hell, cousinXcousin? It could be a hell of a lot worse than that. But then, incest isn’t as totally fucking horrible as everyone thinks it is, so I’m just scornful of people who act like it’s the ultimatesin or something. I just don’t care anymore.

Blood and violence is nothing compared to incest! Eeeew!

go watch Koi Kaze and say that again

I just finished watching it and I don’t get it. D:

Incest really isn’t that bad. Twincest is even better. Of course, as Metal Gear Solid slash fanfiction proved long ago, Clonecest is still the best of all.

Anyone who says incest isn’t bad must not have brothers and sisters. @_@

Older brother, older sister right here.

I don’t particularly lust after my siblings, lord no, but if they’re two consenting individuals who know what the fuck they’re getting into, more pwoer to them. If we’re talking incestuous pedophilia, like an uncle and a niece or nephew, then yeah, there’s still an issue, but if both are, say, college age or something, they’re fine. Especially since, despite common belief, if they have a child it won’t automatically be retarded or anything. That’s only possible if there’s a genetic inclination within their DNA to have it happen. inbreeding takes a long time to show up. We’re talking over at least a couple generations. One isolated case is honestly as likely to have a less-than-perfect baby as an unrelated couple is.

No, a sibling x sibling offspring is still much more likely to have a baby with a genetic defect than two relatively unrelated people are :maho: That’s because lethal and deleteroous genes are often recessive and hide in a heterozygous allele with the harmful gene as the recessive gene of the pair, thereby masking its effects :maho: When you have siblings they are much more likely to posess the same lethal and deleterous genes at the same loci thereby creating a much greater possibility that at the given loci with the detrimental genes, the 25% chance of two heterozygous crossings resulting in an actual phenotypic expression will actually occur. Then it will be the disadvantaged offspring “of the year” :maho:

But you are right in saying that incest through multiple generation reduces heterozygosity, but not only at loci with deleterious or lethal genes, but over all loci. I believe that if relatedness is 50% as in the case of siblings, heterozygosity is reduced by 1/4 with each successive generation :maho:

Defects don’t matter. Incest is just gross. I could never think of my brother or sister or even my cousins that way. It’s just disgusting.

The only reason you think that way is because society imposed these moral standards to protect the population from nurturing the expression of deleterious genes :maho: If there were no genetic disadvantage I’m sure you wouldn’t be thinking that incest is the gross act “of the year” :maho:

I don’t even know how to respond to that! It’s just so wrong in so many ways.

That’s probably because you can’t think of any good reason :maho: It is simply floating on vague thoughts of automatic condemnation without any real thinking put behind it.

Psh. You’re assuming when you say I’ve had society’s morals imposed upon me. Because you know…I haven’t. I could go into detail about that, but you could just believe me when I say it instead. And also, I didn’t find out what incest was until I was 14 and I thought it was icky! No one ever told me it was wrong, it’s just …you’re related to theeem! Eeeew.

Also, I didn’t get what happened to Nyu at the end. And what was up with that crazy, old guy who wouldn’t let that girl take a shower?

I’m even less inclined to believe that you have any good reasons when you say things like that :maho:

I don’t remember anyone refusing to let Nyu take a shower, but at the end of episode 13 is a cliffhanger. She either dies and someone they know visits them at the end of episode 13, or that’s Nyu at the door. The dog, music box snapshot, clock snapshot, and conversation all seem to suggest that it is her, though.

Believe what you like, I don’t need to prove anything to you. >:P

And I mean he wouldn’t let that scientist girl take a shower. You know, the creepy old guy whose son tries to do the naughty bad thing with Nyu. And also won’t he try to come after Nana? And how are they a different species when they were born from humans? And how did the first one appear? Did it just happen?

I see that defense a lot :maho:

The scientist girl complains about not showering because she’s been working overtime. It’s more of a complaint about how long she’s been forced to work than missing showers. And yes, the scientists specifically say that the diclonius are a different “race” (I’m assuming they meant species). I don’t recall them ever saying that they were born from humans, though. They also never explain where the first one came from, so I wouldn’t worry about that unless you really want to read the manga and find out :maho: