Elfen Lied

Just saw it all in one sitting. Fucking loved it. I loved how the series managed to be cute and sweet, while being dark as well. Lucy/Nyuu was one of the most interesting characters in I have ever seen in an anime. That poor dog, no wonder she became all evil. In fact, I think most main characters were wonderful, with the exception of Yuka. I didn’t like her, probably because she kept on bitching about Kouta.

The ending was quite good. I think it was quite obvious that the person at the end was Lucy. I wonder why the clock started to work though, and the music box stopped working.

I heard that there was an extra episode for the DVD Releases. Can anyone confirm this?

Oh, and Lilium is an awesome intro song. Must <strike>download</strike> buy the OST :open_mouth:

Agreed good series. watched in one night with a couple friends. they liked it.

Dam right. My second favorite anime series behind FMA.
My mom watched it all in one sitting, too. The only reason I didnt is I was in the process of aquiring the series as I watched it. Some were harder to obtain then others.

I got this “full” version of Lilium, all it is is they meshed all the variations of the theme that appear throughout the show into one song. It’s actually kinda cool

I’ve seen the first four episodes so far, and am unimpressed. The series seems to revolve around unnecessary amounts of gore and suspicious tendencies towards nudity.

Aww… It’s ok. There’s always pokemon, and Church.

Let’s play a game:

**** yourself.

Fill in the blank.

If the series has a good story, fine. I haven’t seen evidence of it yet. All I’ve seen are limbs going flying and an elf that gets naked suspiciously often going around repeating that nonsense supposed-to-be-cute “Nyuu.” I’m a scarred veteran of too many substanceless romantic “comedies” to like a series for gratuitous nudity alone (not that I mind it), and gore has never had any draw for me. If it was good action PLUS gore, I wouldn’t mind, but nope, it just has people standing around and then every so often an arm, a leg, or some fingers just go flying off in a random direction. Does Elfen Lied ever get any deeper than the two gimmicks I’ve mentioned?

Yes, yes it does. Just keep watching RPT.

The violence and nudity isnt totally necessary, you’re right. Especially the nudity. But the violence really makes certain story bits all the more impactful, as you’ll find out in the last leg of the series.

Better looking then the manga

It’s licensed. Where did you download it? I cant get anything off Direct Connect

BitTorrent is your friend. I really like <B> Hong </B> Kong. That place is filled with passion that consumes me like a <B> Fire </B>

How subtle…

Genjutsu my friend.