Eleventh Doctor Who to be revealed tomorrow


This kinda snuck up on everyone… though to be fair it’s a surprise in a way it hasn’t been spoilered already.

Still reckon Tennant should’ve stayed another year.

For a second there I was thinking you had a bad grammar attack or something.

I’m hoping the next Doctor sticks around for a while. He doesn’t have to stay around as long as Baker did, but a good… Oh five season run would be nice.

The older ones stuck around longer than the newer ones. It’s a shame, Tennant is friggin awesome.

I’ve heard rumors it’s going to be a Black actor now! No, seriously.

Though I really doubt it. Still, wouldn’t having a nonCaucasian Doctor be a cool spin? (Heck, we almost had a female one once… :wink: )

26-year-old Matt Smith to be #11

Came as a surprise to me but I reckon he’ll be better than most people expect… in Moffat we trust, etc etc.

Yeah saw that today… really don’t know what to think at the moment. But must say that for the “Youngest Doctor Who” there were a few moments in the interview, where i could actually see him being the Doctor.

Will just have to wait and see how he does. After all he has some big shoes to fill.

That guy looks totally brit.

I hope David Tennant knows that his career as the doctor is a once in a life time opportunity. and he will never, NEVER, get a better job. Ever.

New guy looks ok, I still like Tennant though. >.>

I had never heard of this show until this year, whats all the fuss about? Looks like a loopy grown up Harry Potter.

If Tennant really has to leave, what I don’t want is a younger Doctor. I want an old-man Doctor much rather. Like the good ol’ days, I suppose.

Ummm KexMex, keep up. Tennant decided to leave awhile ago now, so yes he has to leave. Well after doing a couple more of those one-off special episodes.

And the new doctor is going to be younger… the youngest one ever in fact.

I know, I’m just in denial.

Oh right… and here I thought that was just an Egyptian river.