Elena Kagon Expected to Be Confirmed Today

That’s right. Pundits expect Elena Kagon to be sworn in today. That would make her the fourth female Justice and the 112th overall. Let’s take a quick look at Elena Kagon’s history in pictures, shall we?

Here’s Elena Kagon playing softball. Check out that impeccable form.

Here’s Elena Kagon teaching a class at Harvard. I heard she taught CivPro. I can’t tell what the subject is though.

Here’s Elena Kagon being introduced as Obama’s nominee to replace Stevens. No word yet if Biden said that it was a big fucking deal.

And here’s Elena Kagon with what appears to be a drag queen. And people wonder why she’s accused of being a lesbian (see softball picture above).

Best of luck to you, Elena Kagon. I have some doubts about your overall credentials, but others with few credentials went on to have good careers too. Just don’t get caught in any racy commercials.

That lesbian rumor was just a phase ok don’t judge.

Hey, its Ka-gone!

Oi, you’ve summoned a Kagon! Should we be afraid?

A wild Kagon appears! :hahaha;

But seriously, nice seeing you dude. :slight_smile:

Haha it’s funny because they look the same

Also, sup Kagon

Don’t judge…

A PUN! BECAUSE THAT’S WHAT JUSTICES DO! THEY JUDGE! (Or do they justice?) Good one!

Way to release the Kagon Teh 984.

But I jest. Good to see you again Kagon.

Ninja Edit: We’re sure its him and not some :fakagon:?

Holy crap, it’s Kagon!

Great to hear from you Kagon!