Election day poll

Personally I favor President bush

It’s funny to see people make such blatantly retarded choices for the sake of originality. Americans really need to get their fucking priorities straight.

My priorities are straight; I’m getting the hell outta this country.

At least you have a plan. I can’t even imagine someone saying “I’m voting for Bush” IRL and keeping a straight face. It’s that fucking stupid.

You assume that he’s doing it for originality, and assuming makes an ass of you and me! Maybe you should just respect his political choice, even if you don’t agree with it.
I don’t like Bush either, but thats not a reason to be all poopy.

Stalin’s voting. Are you?

The “Young Republicans” at my school wear bumper stickers and flags on their shirts/bookbags that have bush’s logo on it. 50+% of this country is voting for bush. So there are those who are choosing him, and im sure they dont think it is a stupid a choice as you.

But hey, you live in canada, and obviously know more about the opinions of the people who dont live in your country.

And nagumo, where do you find all these crazy images? They rock.

Can I stay with you? I plan on getting the hell out of mine as soon as I turn of age.

Did you just call me poopy? You’re playing with FIRE, boy!

Go Bush!!! XD

Of course Seraphim.

[STRIKE]Yeah I managed to post hear before this gets moved to the polling forum and our posts don’t count.[/STRIKE]

I’m one of the 4 possibly 5 peoplein my class who if they could would vote for Kerry. In my neighborhood somebody just vandalized all the Kerry signs in our neighborhood. It was a stupid thing to do mainly because our neighborhood is fairly even and there are enough Kerry supporters to start something. Today they all popped up with new Kerry signs though. :biggrin:

Very few people at this forum fit the criteria of being old enough and a citizen of the United States to vote. Of those, I would say they lean roughly 90% Kerry, with the other 10% or so being Bush and others.

USA is truly the greatest country in the world. I don’t even live there nor commonly speak the same language, and they still manage to make me sick of hearing about them.

When’s the election? I’ll be counting the seconds for this mess to be over with.

Even for those who can’t vote and can defend their beliefs, I think the percentages would stay about the same, too.

Technically on November 2nd. But close to half of the country is voting by early ballot (which is so fucked up), so it has already begun in almost all states.

So that’s about a week until the election and twenty months of recounting the votes. Noted, thanks.


I have the same people at my school. They get drunk and steal John Kerry signs.

Okay, you said what you wanted. Now take your bribe money, and leave.