Elaborate ebay seller description for Secret of Mana

Check out ebay # 8185867821-This is the most elaborate description of Secret of Mana i have ever seen by any ebay seller of this game.

YEah, uh, links work better than numbers.

that’s the most awesome auction i ever did see


Contact that person and tell them to do that god damn cursed shrine.

Goddamn, that’s elaborate. (the description). That’s the most beautiful E-bay description I’ve seen in a while.

Booken, you need to study this person’s work.

The funny thing is that he forgot to put the three main characters (Randi, Purim and… that other sprite brat who’s gender I’m not sure about) in the character grid.

Popoi! And I’m pretty sure he’s a boy.

That one, I keep getting confused because he looks so much like Carlie from Seiken 3.

His name might also be “Popoie” or “Popoei”, depending on who you ask.

Popoi probably is the best translation (at least it’s the easiest to pronounce), though, and seems to be the one that has become “official” (for example, Popoi’s Notebook in Sword of Mana)

They were either bored or desperate for money. They made a mistake. You can’t do combination attacks, you can only use a charge attack followed by a spell or vice versa. The only time damage is combined is when using spells over and over.

Seems like he really wants to get rid of the game and get some money.