EGM ceases publication.

It’s a sad day for me. I’ve been reading that magazine for 11 years. Even If I wasn’t too big on the direction it’s taken in the last year or two, it still remained my favorite game magazines. You can make the arguement that with free websites reporting early reviews and demos on the fly, and free downloadable demos from XBL and PSN, a paper format is archaic, and thats very true. What I liked about EGM was the special features, and game over sections that to me, were unique to that magazine. RIP EGM.

What I find even more unfortunate is the cull that happened at the rest of the Ziff Davis websites that were EGM’s sisters (1up, etc).

I kinda have to agree there. It’s a sad day. Been reading that since I was a wee boy. Kinda sad to see it go, but it looked inevitable sooner or later. And yeah, I wasn’t too keen on their latest direction. Liked it when their mags were a lot bigger. But times change, so I guess the magazine does do. It shall be missed…RIP EGM.

I read about this. I figured it was bound to happen someday. My guess is that Gamepro will be the next big magazine to leave the fray, before Game Informer. The thing that I don’t like about this is that I prefer to read my game news in print. I just feel like reading stuff on the internet is not quite as fun, or as easy to navigate as real pages. Oh well, I guess I better renew my subscription to Game Informer :confused:

Is Nintendo Power still going? That was the only one I ever subscribed to since when even I was a chump ass bitch

Yeah, Nintendo Power is still alive. Hard to see how though. The mag’s nowhere near as good as it was several years ago. It’s mostly just articles and reviews now. I miss the in-depth game coverage and semi-walkthroughs.

I haven’t read a gaming magazine in at least five years, but when I did, EGM was probably the most enjoyable one. So yeah, sad to hear it, but it’s not going to affect me any more.

Yeah, this kinda bites. Although I had begun frequenting 1UP so I actually read most of the exact same articles in the magazine weeks before the mag got to my door. It’s still sad though. Does PCGamer still print? That was the mag that I was always knee deep into.

Yeah, they do. I was subscribed to them up until three or four months ago, but they’ve sent me three free issues (w/o CD) begging for me to come back.

It sucks about EGM, though. When I subscribed to them they had quality articles. Of course, that was five years ago, so I don’t really know much about them recently. I recall reading a few articles by Seanbaby near the end (of my subscription); they were pretty damned funny.

That’s very disapointing…I loved EGM mags. My parents used to stuff my Chistmas stocking with them. It was one of the few that I actually subscribed to as well (Nintendo Power being frist with Gamepro second). Oh well, now bookmarked…

That is not cool. Aside from Nintendo Power, EGM was the only magazine I trusted. EGM was also the only magazine which I considered to be free of the propaganda of any company wanting to buy games from them.


Wow. I subscribed to Nintendo Power, then Gamepro, then EGM. Spooky

I had a whooooole bunch, I dont remember all of them in order :expressionless: I think it was NP, PCG, the first iteration of the EBGames Magazine, EGM, Game Informer…

I just heard the whole staff of EGM and 1UP got fired…?

The EGM staff did and part of the 1up staff.

Damn…nobody’s safe in this crappy economy we’re in.

Well, I mean, I thought UGO wanted a website? Why fire the staff of an already successful website? They cut the podcasts and stuff too, I had just gotten into the video one.

Retronauts is about the only part of 1up I pay attention to, thankfully Jeremy Parish and Scott Sharkey are still on board. Though it seems the guy who managed podcasts was also let go, so the Retronauts podcast’s future is in the air.

When I was a kid, EGM was weak on maps and strategy. They just wrote reviews, and often had a sort of sarcastic tone I didn’t like. for instance, I remember once someone wrote in a letter asking advice about some obscure medieval-japan themed strategy, like the Romance of the Emperor, and the reply basically just made fun of him and told him to go outside and talk to girls. Too often I got the feeling that EGM was trying to romanticize gamers as being hip counterculturalists.

Nintendo Power was more like it. It may have been a shill for Nintendo, but that magazine was responsible for me discovering so many games. I would never have bought or played Illusion of Gaia, E.V.O., Robotrek, or Seventh Saga if it wasn’t for Nintendo Power. They devoted 6+ pages to each of those games! And they had actual strategies - the ‘Epic Center’(anyone remember that?) had all the secrets to Final Fantasy III and Chrono Trigger that I had no idea existed, such as the ‘Economizer’. Plus, the reviews for Nintendo Power were short and to the point - they had a cool ‘+ and -’ system where they gave a few one sentence +s and -s for each game that were pretty accurate.

True, but I never saw any other magazine do that like Nintendo Power did.