Egg Nogg

I fucking love egg nogg.

Fuck your comedy poll option Shinobi! Fuck it!

Fuck me is in the lead! I also like egg nog.


Nope. Still in the lead. HA.

Goddamn these electronic voting systems!

Drawing now. Sorta. Kinda. Not really.

I love egg nog, its so orgasmically good!mmmmmm…


There’s two g’s in nog?

Egg nog rules. :toast:

Never had it.

Mm… Sex and egg nog.

i’ve got no idea what egg nogg or how you spell it… but it sounds disgusting…
what’s it taste like? does it contain alcohol? so on and on… please inform me

It can contain alcohol, but the store brand stuff normally either puts the extract or doesn’t put anything at all. It’s sweet, but I don’t really know what to compare the flavor to. Do they have some over at a grocery store near you? Maybe you can try it out. ^^

it kind of tastes like rum,egg,and a milk shake with nutmeg

Yes, I love egg nog. Since I usually only consume organic eggs and organic egg nog is not commonly available, I make my own if I have the time. I also like egg nog with a like trickle of dark rum to give it a little kick.

I have also discovered that if I add Kaluha to a mocha milkshake, it tastes a little like egg nog.

Only if it contains alcohol.

I love egg nog!!! :toast:

Coarse I can’t figure out what part of it is made of egg and what exactly is a nog? :moogle:

edit: sir percy is back!! :'D

drools Eggnog is … indescribably good.

Btw I love you Shinobi! :kissy: