Effects of psychoactive drugs on spiders

I’m pretty sure everyone’s seen the pictures of webs spun by spiders under the effects of different drugs, but this video was news to me:

Ahahahaha. That was excellent.
Nice web, Mr. Crack Spider.

Also, I’m reminded of why I should never read YouTube comments.

Ha… It hurts to laugh but it was funny :smiley:

The crack spider has a bitch yo.

WARNING: This video may cause the following unwanted side-effects such as uncontrollable laughter, unintentional horizontal positions, unintelligent posting habits, damaged computer monitors and or keyboards, nausea, diarrhea, erectile dysfunction, birth defects, and in some cases death.

Contact your doctor if symptoms persist for more than 4 hours.

Note this video should not be taken while performing any oral activities such as brushing one’s teeth, consuming small and chewy bits of food, drinking fluids such as water, milk, soda, coffee, red wine, or other such alcoholic beverages, and should not be taken with Marijuana, Crack, Morphine, Shrooms, Toad, or other such mind altering substances, or while pregnant or nursing, and it should not be taken by anyone under the maturity level of someone under the age of 13, or are of the Arachnid species.

So if a minute dose of caffeine does that to a spider, what would it do to hu…

Oh, I already am a caffeine junkie :smiley: Although I don’t spin around like crazy.

I’m so taking this video with me when I go to bars.

Building webs is fo suckas XD

Spiders and drugs. Could it get better?

Of course it couldn’t. Great video.

That was hilarious! I needed a pick up with all these depressing threads around. Thanks Ren!

One of the comments goes like “I wonder how many people actually called the Canadian Wildlife Service for more information on the crack spider’s bitch.” I would do so, if it weren’t for it being an international call for me. I wonder if those guys got VOIP…