Now that was a motivating weekend. This weekend I went to the field got to shoot. HOORAH! We did sveral shoots. We first zeroed our weapons and then the machien gun teams fired. Pretty nice. It was awesome hearing all of the shooting and seeing the .50 cal shoot up a tank and seeing the sparks fly. The MK19 was nice hearing it lob the grenades and have multple explosions. The 240G has a nice sound while shooting. then we shot at night. We had NVGs and laser sights. SWEET! The goggles got in the way, btu ti was fun. We just shot at whatever we wanted to however we wanted to. We chose our position and then we put it on burst (my first time shooting like that). It was so cool and fun. My ears are a little fucked up, but they should be good in a couple of days. Overall, excellent weekend. Games and movies are so different to me now.

Hooray for the US constitution.

240 Golf? I thought it was the M240 Bravo. Oh well…that must’ve been a blast. I know at Basic I get to use the M203 attached grenade launcher, regular and smoke grenades, and the AT4 (only one lucky kid gets to fire an actual rocket). It’ll be so cool once I get past the BS.

We use the M240G and M240E. The E is mounted on the vehicles and the 240G has the trigger like a M16 and your fire it on the ground with a tripod.

Don’t get too excited about the 203, it is pretty boring. Grenades, those are scary motherfuckers. I hate throwing them. The M16 is pretty nice and the most fun out of the 203 and grenades.