Education AND video game music?

A teacher discussing about video game remixes as a subject matter for class? Makes me wish Jr. High had awesome topics such as this…

Read all about it!

Iscariot, will you have my children?

sideways glance at Sin >_>

I want that man to bear my children. That just is soooo fucking cool.

Unbelievable. Just… damn.


That is sooo cool.


Tell the guys over at OCRemix about this. 8) 8) 8)

This is really cool. 8)


I know someone who’d love that
looks at Quazmark2.8

I sure the hell wish my music classes in middle school were this cool! It’d be like:

“Now class, go home and play the opera scene in FFVI five times. There will be a test tomorrow. Then next week we will do a play of it.”

Now that would be awesome in a middle school class.

That would actually be so cool. But what would be better would actually having lesson devoted to PLAYING video games. Mastering skills and other stuff, that would be extremely cool.

This teacher rocks too much.

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That is sooo cool. [/b]

Hey, music is music, after all. And video game music has a nice following, so it fits.


I should try and do the same when I’m done when my education and get employed. I’ll probably try and find an excuse to put manga and anime into the curriculum too.

Man…i wish my teachers were this cool…