Probably becasue you know how to do channel related things :stuck_out_tongue:

Nah, I know how to do channel related things.

TD is an op because he is in europe and comes on at diffrent times. That and, he was an op before and didn’t screw up (cause he idled) so he is one now untill… well, I duno. Untill he isnt! :stuck_out_tongue:


<img src=“http://www.rpgclassics.com/staff/tenchimaru/td.gif”> Woo, go me :stuck_out_tongue:

Omegaflare, i never called anyone gay, or used gay as an insult.
TD, what are the ton of minor things I did that warrented permanent removal ?

Originally posted by Born_Loser
Omegaflare, i never called anyone gay, or used gay as an insult.

Best joke ever. :slight_smile:

Somebody enlighten Nate here with a log (I wasn’t in the chatroom while it was happening).

Omegaflare, I know what the log would say, and I know what I said. I was joking with a “Meet the Parents” reference. It apprently wasnt understood and taken the wrong way.

Meet the Parents is a Robert Deniro movie. It also had… that other guy… in it. Vary funny movie. You should check it out sometime. It was on cable not too long ago, they’ll probably show it another 100 times by the end of the month and run it into the ground though…

Ben Stiller is who I think you’re reffering to, and his name unless I misheard it is Gaylord Fawker. BTW this is just for those that have never seen said movie.

Fawker ? I spelled it Focker… shrugs

It’s spelt Gaylord Falker. Falker is a fairly common last name you two.

…You know what, Nate, since you evidently refuse to see the truth that gaylord focker is considered an insult and you can’t seem to use common sense, I’m just going to leave before this flares into a flamefest.

EDIT: If it was a joke, why didn’t you tell the OPs in the first place?

Originally posted by Xelopheris
It’s spelt Gaylord Falker. Falker is a fairly common last name you two.

meh, I said I was not sure on the spelling.

X… i mean… Omega cough cough I did, not at the time because I didn’t think about it. We didn’t discuss it in the hour it took them to decide. And when I tried to, someone opted to get me removed from the boards. I’ll admit I was in a rotten mood after that. I don’t think vary well when I lose my temper.

Hoo boy, this is what happens when you let loose some banz0red guy who keeps complaining. Now, let’s turn up the heat a bit:

When your friend was kicked by DN that first time, you swore and threatened everybody in the chat room. Someone even showed me part of the log. I’m sorry, but “I may have said some things out of anger” is not an excuse and you were in now way as polite as you’re trying to be now. The only reason you’re banned is because everybody has enough common sense not to believe your BS. You can stop denying it, too. DN even apologized and said it was a little quick of him.

After the three week ban was up, you were on a warning. Calling someone gaylord focker is by normal standards considered an insult, contrary to what you probably think. Again, you were unruly in the chatroom, and go ahead and keep denying it if you want, but you know what you caused. That’s why you were banned. Even if you didn’t discuss it, why didn’t you E-mail Kag, DN, or Sin and apologize, explaining? The odds are you’re probably just doing the same thing with that “Peer is queer” term, though.

Face it, Nate. You’re permbanned from the chat. If you’re going to start shit, people aren’t going to be happy. Now what you should do now is just let it go as an oppose to continue whining about it on the boards and in #edensworld. Lordo, if that chatroom meant THIS much to you, go start your own gaming chatroom for all I care. Then you can let people call each other gaylord focker all you want, but you can’t do that in #rpgclassics.

In fact, you must think pretty highly of this place to keep coming back. Last time you left, didn’t you call Kagon a facist and say that everybody here was under his wacky mindcontrol or something?

For someone whose almost 20 and was hesitent about reading childrens books (Harry Potter), you sure act like a kid sometimes.

Yeah he did because I’m obviously the Dark Lord of RPGC who controls everything from the shadows. Obviously.

Nate, it would have been real simple if you hadn’t have continued to act up, the ban would have eventually been removed, and you could still be there now. Instead, you had to cause more trouble and problems so now it’ll never come off. If we’re all so evil and cruel, deriving pleasure out of banning people and kicking babies, why do you continue to come back?

Kagon, not everyone is like you. I’ve found a couple people i like here. I don’t doubt someone has allready mentioned getting me removed from these boards too, you might even try to say that i have multiple accounts in making this one. My old account is gone so i had to make a new one. Kagon, i wouldnt even put it past you to read every post i make “just in case” I slip enough to hang myself.

I’m not too sure what i called Kagon then, but i know i did say something about him being the one in charge, and people being scared to act against him. Besides Sorc, why let a few worms ruin a perfectly good apple… no wait… i mean why let a few… arg… how does that old saying go again ??

It’s no big deal about being banned anymore. Just forget it ever happened. I found a new crowd to hang with, pretty much my posts here, talking with DT is all i’m going to have to do with the place. I’ll still with with Hades too, and Ath when he gets back. It’s your site, you people can run it however you want. I’m sure that if i ever build a website, i’ll be able to kick out and ban people i don’t like too.

Maybe i’m just in one of those weird moods where nothing short of death matters, and even then death is just a natural part of life… I need a beer…

Originally posted by Born_Loser
It’s no big deal about being banned anymore.
Yet you turned this entire conversation into it, and you bring it up all the time in #edensworld.

Now now, don’t be that suspicious of me. I wouldn’t do that. However, if you post on any forum I moderate, I will definitely be reading yours and everyone else’s posts since it’s my job. I don’t go looking for people to slip up.

If you say so… yawns.

Xelo, I wont be in #edensworld anymore so have a blast. but if you wan’t, you can find me in #bngroleplay #ninjadojo and #shadowrealm . But dont go causeing problems in the 1st and 3rd. Govic is cool.

no, there hasn’t been a thread started about removing you from the boards. Why? You haven’t broken any forum rules yet.