Ebay VS Amazon

Which one do you use for more of your shopping needs?

Depends on the item. If I’m looking for a movie dvd, I’ll look on Amazon, but if I’m looking for a black Scrying Mirror, I’ll look on E-Bay.

I usually shop at ebay for new items and things I can’t get here.So I guess Ebay a bit better.But Paypal is a pain in the ass.

Although in the past, I’ve used Amazon more, I think from now on I’ll be doin’ my anime shopping on eBay.

Just gotta get the next Tsubasa Chronicle DVD as soon as possible!
(Even though the show sucks…)

neither! HA!

Always Amazon, unless I’m looking for something rare, such as Wild ARMs stuff.

Amazon UK.

I trust Amazon over E-bay, even though I’ve never personally used either.