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I heart ebay. It’s so much fun! I’m very glad that some of you helped to allay my concerns about buying.

Have any of you ever sold anything on ebay? I’m thinking about selling some collectible plush animals that I have, and I was wondering what someone’s selling experience might have been like. I’d also like to what tips someone might have, if any.

(If anyone is in the market for collectible plush animals… we might be able to negotiate, lol.)

Explore the market you want to attack before getting into it. That’s as important in selling as it is in buying , right?

Ebay rules. Vicki loves ebay. Therefore Vicki rules.

I like the way you think!

Well, you ARE the best thing at RPGC.

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Well, you ARE the best thing at RPGC.

Damnit! And here I was going along thinking that I was.:too bad;

I like to think of Vicki as a cute girl, which makes her part of the best thing at RPGC …

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Vicki rules.

selling is fine, although you’re more likely to have a problem transaction. reason being you can choose who you buy from, but not who bids on your stuff. well, you can cancel bids, but when there’s 10 seconds left, you don’t have enough time to. i think you might be able to cancel bids after the auction is over, not sure.

problems are less of a hassle though - you don’t have to ship your item until you get the money, so you can’t get ripped off. well, i guess you could if it’s by a paypal moneyback thing or credit card or something, but i dunno much about seller protection on those fronts.

i’d recommend doing check/money order only; you don’t have to pay any additional fees, and there’s no risk of the buyer calling their merchant to say they never got an item they in fact did.

another issue is the buyer can say the item was damaged when it wasn’t, or complain about condition…and demand a refund. you’re only option at that point is to either comply or get negative feedback. but with negative feedback, you can respond to any feedback, and clarify you got screwed by a lam0r.

i’ve sold a few things successfully, and only had one auction where the buyer never contacted me. i didn’t have time to worry about it then, so i ended up never selling the item and lost $2 or some shit on the transaction fee. you can fill out a non-paying buyer form or something and ebay will relist for free, i think.

a bunch of years ago, i needed some quick cash, and had about 60 store-bought ranma vhs tapes (viz video). well, i posted them with a start price of $350, which was very painful. nobody bid. so i relisted, and two people got in a bidding war and the auction ended at $700. needless to say i was thrilled to death…although i hated to part with my ranma tapes. you never know. and you can always just go ahead and cancel your listing if nobody is bidding on it and you think it will sell too cheap.

read up on reserve price auctions and buy it now on ebay’s help menu. generally the more bids an auction has, curiosity will get you more views because people want to see what the fuss is about. which is why it’s sometimes worth paying extra fees to set a reserve.

always post an image of your item, and don’t pay ebay to host it - put it on geoshities if it’s your only option. remember, no pic = no click.

finally, ship priority (USPS), and demand delivery confirmation. you can avoid lots of bs this way. also, don’t ship to po boxes.

if you have any questions, you can always check ebay help. there’s plenty of “what to do if i get screwed” information available there.

christ, i must be really bored right now to type all this. :thud:

I am also a huge fan of ebaying, buuuuuut i tend to waste lots of money on it >< im like browsing around for somethign i want then i see something else… and something else… etc etc… cries im an addict.

Locke presents good points.

ebay rules, im pushing almost 700 feedback and im a powerseller…

the only item I’ve successfully sold on ebay is Suikoden II (I tried to sell my x-men action figures with no results :)… the guy paid through paypal (I can’t remember if it was by e-check or credit card). Personally, I really like the credit card method… the money gets immediately deposited. But either way paypal does charge a small fee. I sold the game + shipping for around $110 and I think they charged $5. If you’re worried about who’s bidding, you can include something in your description saying that you won’t sell to anyone with negative ratings, or with less than 5 positives, etc.

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Damnit! And here I was going along thinking that I was.:too bad;

Nah, you’re just the enforcer that can pistol whip us to break our jaws in case anyone steps out of line. I’ve seen it happen, kinda creepy…

Well at least Locke knows what he’s doing on ebay. There are just so many idiots on that site/are concerned with that site.