eBay auction for every single NES game

I never thought I’d say this, but this guy gives Mr. Saturn a run for his money.


The auction was up to $220,000 last night but the seller chopped down the bogus bids, so it’s only at $21,000 now. GAK!

…I almost spat my gum out. o_o

Pardon me, I have to change my pants.

Holy…that, for lack of something better to say, is a LOT of friking games. o.o

Wow, I was actually surprised by something today! By the way, how did you find this auction?

Personally, I think the person selling those his stupid to the gogol power. Why on earth would you want to give that up? He must really need the money.

Lack of space, lack of interest, lack of…money.

And emulation. :sunglasses: I can’t imagine ever picking up an NES when I’ve got fast-forward and savestates on an emulator.
Someone posted the link on the Romhacking.net forums.

It’s worth it… wait… isnt that over 30 bucks per game? And isn’t maybe 10% of those games good? I bought 40 nes games at a garage sale for 2 dollars. Ish don’t sink so.

2 dollars for 40 games.

a) What were they?

b) Shit man FORTY!!:hyperven:

and finally c) Well that tops the Dreamcast and 8 games with accessories I saw for $20 -_-


Sounds like a good enough reason to me.

Who has time to play all those games?

Too bad it’s only the US games, though. While it certainly kicks the bejeezus out of my game collection, it’s not really that impressive. It’s missing the plethora of imports out there, as well as all the crazy-ass special promo carts.



I came.

I saw.


Only if you win the auction, Magma.

Actually I raised the bid by 50 cents just so I could legitimately say I conquered with a question mark. :stuck_out_tongue:

Wait a minuet Magma. You’re telling me that you have $21000 and 50cent just lying around like that. In what mansion do you live in? Do you have servants like maids that you have dressed up like cat-girls? or Butlers that occasionally did it?

If so, it won’t last for long. :hahaha;

Wait… Rigmarole saw me come? ::dekar!::