Easy money in GTA:SA?

What the fastest/easiest/most efficient way of making money in GTA:SA? I’m on the mission that you have to to buy the airfield and I only have about $13,000 (I bought property just before this mission and saved). So how can I can make that money needed? So far mugging people has been my best, but it is slow, especially for that amount of money.

Bet on horses! Head to the Off-Track Betting place (not sure where it is, consult your map), and choose the horse with 2-to-1 odds. Bet all your cash. Odds are you’ll win, and if you do, you’ll have double your money. Save and repeat!

What city is that in?

Los Santos.

Damn you are a lucky guy. I’m betting on the 2/1 and keep losing.

Do the Garage Missions (they should be available now) until you complete Custom Fast Track. That opens up the Export/Import Dock oddjob. If you deliver all 30 cars (easier said than done) you earn a total of over $1,200,000.

Edit: Also, if you don’t want to do all of them right away, it only takes 1-4 cars (four maximum) to get the $80,000 needed for the Airstrip.

Thanks guys. I kept at it and decided to bet on the same horse everytime and he eventually won. I bet on the highest odds to make more money. I made over 2 million dollars after 2 races.