Easy KO, CPU, level 9 tourney! Come inside for more info!

Time for a Super Smash Brothers: MELEE!!! Easy KO, CPU, level 9 tourney! Join up! But first, here’s the info and stuff.

No. Of Contestants: Need 26
Type of Melee: Super Sudden Death
Hit rate thingy set to highest
Items on high (Not Psy’s comic)
All Items on

You can choose your own character, and you can choose a color if you want, just tell me. Also, two or more people can be the same character (i.e. 1,2, and 3 were Mario) Here’s a list of characters if you don’t own(or have all the characters) the game.

Ice Climbers
Young Link
Mr. Game and Watch
Dr. Mario
Captian Falcon
Donkey Kong

All battles will be one on one, and so 12 of the original 26 will go to round two, then 6 of the 12, the 3 of the 6, then it will be a melee against the remaining three. Thanks for looking, even if you don’t join up!

How will such a thing be done, exactly?

With Lv. 9 CPUs! I think I kinda pretty much explained it…

Well, no offense, but this will no doubt be moved to the RP forum.

I might sign up later, though…

I’d have no problem with that. Though, I didn’t think this was excactly a RP.

Sign me up as a default-color Ness.

It’s not an RP. You don’t take the roles of the characters, this is just an attempt to start a tournament where he sets off the level 9 opponents on his GCN and updates us as it progresses. Not exactly worthwhile but somewhat interesting none the less. Sign me up as a Green Adult Link.

Red/white Ice Climbers.

Ah what the hell. Sign me up as Black Roy.

Red Marth.

Oooh, I wanna be Pichu!

Why didn’t I think of this? Sign me up as White Young Link.

Hmmm I want in, I suppose. Default Samus.

Well why not? Defualt Ice Climbers.

:enguard: : I have no doubts he won’t make it past the first round.

Default Gannondorf.

Why didn’t I think of this? Sign me up as White Young Link.

Because you have no originallity and inspiration!

faked accent

uh… sign me up as gannondorf mate.

One level 9? : \ They should have put the max level around 50. And the computer should learn to wave-dash, tech, and l-cancel. :slight_smile: We should do a tourny vs 3 level 9s for fun sometime later. IF I can get the game from my friend later, I’ll sign up as Holy Marth (White). I’ll be able to say if I can get or not soon.

Erm, you don’t need to own the game, Ramza.

Uh…er… So… We aren’t ACTUALLY playing the game? Just like… Pretend…?