Earthworm Jim

Does anyone have any tips for the last level? I’m stuck at the part right after the continue spot, where you have to swing off these vertical hooks…

I can’t provide any really good gems for this one, having trouble on that level myself. But you’ve just got to whip back and forth an awful lot, and be careful when you jump up to certain platforms. There are beetles that come out of the background and bite you in half… so lure them out and then kill them. 8)

Man, I’m sure I beat the game at one point, but I really don’t remember getting past the under water tube things in recent memory. Fuck those things suck ass :x

Sorc, about halfway through Tube Race (the level you’re talking about), there’s a recharge that gives you 80 more seconds to beat the level with. It’s hidden behind a wall you can pass through.

Yeah, that underwater thing is so easy if you’re careful.
And I beat the game… pretty sweet, I remember why it was my favourite game, and still is.