Any of the calipeeps feel the earthquake today? I really know nothing about california, or where all of you live, but apparently there was a magnitude 6 earthquake that could be felt all the way in LA. So uh, whats it like to be in an earthquake? Is it scary? Were any of you in the really big one that hit in the early 90s?

nope , but it would suck , now wouldn’t it?

They said it was felt as far south as Santa Ana (about the same height as Irvine and Anaheim) and I didn’t feel it. SA is about 40-60 minutes south of LA.

I live in Torrace, and no I didn’t feel it. It interrupted the Scott Peterson trial though.

What time? I live in LA county didn’t notice a thing.

This morning, 10ish.

They can be scary; sort of depends on where you are.