Earthquake on the East Coast

I actually felt this… was lying in bed, saw everything rattle a little bit, and though “wow, we just had an earthquake”. Who else did?

We don’t feel earthquakes in Georgia. We only get tornadoes and hurricanes.

If NYC hasn’t been reduced to a half blown up Statue of Liberty with sentient ape men running the show then Hollywood and the Syfy channel are a bunch of dirty liars.

I was promised that if anything out of the ordinary happened in either NYC, LA, or Tokyo it would leave nothing but a hellish landscape of destruction and death for all those not pretty/famous enough for top billing.

Speaking of which, Hurricane Irene is now moving into the area.

Eh. It’s forecast to hit the Outer Banks. That’s a bit of ways away from Georgia. We’ll get some rain, nothing more. The Outer Banks gets hit with hurricanes fairly regularly; UNC Wilmington students even throw hurricane parties when they hit.

Yeah, but its really gonna dump a lot where I live, near Philadelphia.