Earthbound continuation

It’s going to be called Mother 3, and rumors have it that the release date is close and it’s going to be for GBA and DS.

Now you people go and post whatever you can find to confirm what I’ve just said.

I can’t believe that Nintendo are making my dreams come true…
All of these SNES era games - (especially) ToP, and now Mother 3 on the GBA!! Whoo!


I demand that this prejudism against the video game forum ends!


Holy shit, someone can type properly on the internet.

We heard about it some time ago, but I haven’t heard any updates. Does anyone have any newer information than the fact that it’ll be out on GBA? Also, if Nintendo’s finally releasing ToP on GBA in North America and Europe, why won’t they release Mother 1+2?

I’ll finally play an Earthbound game…

You… haven’t played Earthbound before… ?
Get one!!


If this is a hoax, then I will be heavily surprised.

I don’t think it’s a hoax. I just think it’ll be delayed until it’s cancelled like the N64 Mother 3 that they announced years ago. Maybe I’ll be proven wrong.

wtb 1+2 :frowning:

I will bawl my eyes out if this comes to NA ;______________;