Earth, God and the fate of Mankind

I got to thinking today: What if the Earth is nothing more than a pastry? Some sort of celestial doughnut hole? The evidence is there. In the beginning, it was hot and violent (that was the Earth being baked). Then it froze over (put in the freezer to cool off and to be preserved for later enjoyment). Now it’s warming up again. We’re back in the oven, and this time it’s the end. God is heating us up because He’s hungry and wants a snack. And we, my friends, are nothing more than a rather meaningless, hardly significant life form placed here to give the Earth it’s proper characterisitics, much like yeast or the bacteria they use in swiss cheese.

I wonder how we’ll taste…

Based on your post, “fruity.”


If our actions and thoughts as a whole count, we’re basically rotten.

The Earth wouldn’t be very tasty, I wouldn’t think. It’s pretty much dirt.

That’s because it’s old, roun. Quite old. But still hot on the inside!

Oven takes too long to reheat stuff…and scientists say the universe is still expanding. It’s obvious that the universe is a mindblowingly large s’more, and God is nuking us in a giant microwave.

Oh my God, our eyes are going to pop up!

Are you advocating “mature” pornography?

Why a doughnut? What on earth could possibly make you think of the earth as a doughnut?

Well, Nulani, it could be a cream filled and/or jelly doughnut.

Only with magma.

well, lava DOES make me drool. It looks like a thick milkshake. Watching it always makes me thirsty.

Unfortunately, drinking lava is a rather wasteful occupation. Your skin melts away and you’re still thirsty afterward. Quite a bother, really.


I always thought Earth was a Lasagna, since it has so many tasty layers. Sweet succulent layers.

mm…Lasagna. It would fit with the oven cooking bit. Doughnuts are supposed to be deep fried aren’t they?

But what about the hole?

Not all doughnuts have holes!

If its proper characteristics depend on us, we are indispensable. Sleep soundly :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Yea, we will come out the other end eventually.

  1. The Earth has a strawberry filling.
  2. It’s round. The donut hole just hasn’t been made yet (or it might have I’m no cook).

I better hurry up and get on my world domination plan before we are eaten.

Edit: Wait a minute. Who says god would eat us? There are plenty of other donuts out there not just including the ones in our solar system. We could eventually be trashed instead of eaten. The possibilities.