EA is indeed THE devil.

Q. “How do you respond to rumors that your company is actually the fucking devil?”

A. “EA does not comment on rumors.”

-Gabe, from penny-arcade

That quote was the first thing that came to mind as soon as I saw the title :stuck_out_tongue:

Bah, I don’t really care since I don’t like sports game, and EA actually does a pretty sweet job on those titles. Of course, they are screwing over a fuckton of other people in the process.


As big of a Anti-Trust violation that deal is, their abuse of employees is far worse.

As it stands, I and most of the other people on the PA forums are actually boycotting EA for the time being, thanks to the employee abuse element. Not that it matters, they rarely make good games these days anyway. They used too, and those were good times, but they’ve grown so stagnant, and dare I say… decadent, its pathetic.

Yeah Goldeneye: Rogue Agent sucked ass. I asked for my money back after renting it.

You know, it’s really funny that they’re doing this (probably) because of Sega. I mean, Sega’s 2K5 outsold the fucking MADDEN franchise this year. Y’see, Sega, the same Sega of the Sega CD Saturn and Dreamcast, actually had a fucking BRILLIANT sales strategy. And now EA is scared for its “Now that’s what I call a hands team!” Madden franchise. Fucking bravo, Sega. Fucking bravo.

Yeah. And I was such a huge fan of Goldeneye back in the day. As a matter of fact, you could say that back then (I was in 5th grade back then, don’t worry I’m safe now) I was more of a Goldeneye fanboy than most people are FF7 “OMG IT R TEH ROXORZ” fanboys. I remember loving the semi-sequel, perfect dark despite being so similar. Ultimately, I’ll take the upcoming PD2 of Rogue Agent.

Also, why did they have to rape the Command and Conquer and kill the wing commander franchises? I mean, dammit, WC3 was a million-seller back in 94! At least give the series another chance! And Generals removed what made C&C C&C to begin with! Now its more warcraft-ish than anything! Total sellouts.

They can’t possible be the Devil, he’s busy sweeping my floors. Besides, they’re way below his standards.

EA starts to look just like another “Evil Empire” - MS

Electronic Arts said Monday it agreed to buy a 19.9 percent stake in Ubisoft from Talpa Beheer BV, the investment vehicle of Dutch media giant John de Mol, a step that makes the U.S. group Ubisoft’s biggest single shareholder.

Electronic Arts declined to comment on whether it wants to make a full takeover bid for Ubisoft, but chief financial officer Warren Jenson said the 19.9 percent stake would give the U.S. group an important say in the French company’s future

What is Ubisoft?

Ubisoft’s Montreal studio launches its 2004 videogames in over 50 countries: Prince of Persia Warrior Within, Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six 3 Black Arrow, MYST IV Revelation and Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell Pandora Tomorrow.
and much, much more

I think the worst part about the deal, aside from the fact it gives them a fucking monopoly on one of the biggest game types there is, is the fact that all the other cash strapped Professional Sports will look at this as an example of an easy way to make money. I wouldn’t be suprised if the NHL and MLB tried to get similar deals, considering how screwed they are for money.

Fuck man, the NHL doesn’t exist right now really. It would be kinda weird to put out a game for a league that doesn’t even play. That would be akin to Sega getting the rights to the XFL games, which would be fucking awesome.

Does EA make the NCAA football games? Because those are fun as hell.

Agreed, half the game in the shops are EA or it sport brands. And I Like the games when EA was Electronic Arts. I think the Ads say their marketing Stagergy: “Challenge Everything!”

I heard that they’ve got Sole-rights to all Porche Cars’ in games.

The Publisher of PS2+PC Square-Enix Games in the UK. Their logo is on the Boxes of the games. EA Was Plubising FFX-2 in their booklets. (That was 13-Mar-04 date not 13-Feb-04)



Oh well, I own 2 EA games, both of which I am considering uninstalling because in light of the Exclusive deal with the NFL, I have decided to boycott EA for the money grubbing whores that they are.

And their worker practices remind me of Wal-Mart’s. Two Strikes For EA

And If Rogue Agent sucks as bad as what everyone else says, then that’s the straw that breaks the camel’s back.

Of course, despite the fact that the NFL deal was linked before, this time it has more posts in it.

And the PA quote was funny.

Yeah. EA does the NCAA football games, Sorc.

Like Dizzy, showed, I already posted this. Now everyone wants to reply since it is in the wrong forum.

Hey, Info!
Do you have ESP powers? You posted that 2 weeks ago, but the news just came out!

No, the news came out 2 weeks ago. I remember reading it on gamespot.

Yeah, Ion is right. Hell, GameFAQs even had a poll on it then to see what people thought of the deal. My link is even to GameSpot. I was tempted to post the article here, but I figured that I better post it in the game forum since it deals with future football games.