E-mail help

So here’s my problem:

A few minutes ago, I was checking my e-mail (you know, for responses for threads and all that). When I was done checking it, I clicked on Send/Receive e-mail (to see if I had gotten more). But it says that there’s some unknown error… I don’t know what I’m supposed to do… can someone help me, please?

What service gives you email? Have you retried clicking on send/receive mail?

I use AT&T… and yes, I already tried re-clicking it.

Sorry, well hopefully someone else might have had a problem with at&t’s email. Or maybe your family will have the same problem? Maybe a simple reboot of your computer would fix it(probably unlikely though)?
All else fails guess you could call At&T for technical support.

It might bot be a problem at your end, sometimes your ISP changes something and e-mail service us down for a few hours. Try waiting a few hours to see if it fixes itself.