Dynasty Legemds: Lu Xian

This is a piece of writing I’ve been wanting to do for a while. I guess you could call it Dynasty Warriors fanfiction, it tells of Lu Bu’s son, Lu Xian.

Part 1: The Fathers name tarnishes that of the son…

Lu Xian had always been a fighter. From the moment he was ripped from his mothers womb to the day he died, he had a fighting spirit. His father was the mighty Lu Bu, supposedly the greatest warrior alive.
When he was only ten years old his father was executed. This did not hurt Lu Xian, being a warrior his father had no time for paternal duties. He had been raised by his mother Sun Yun Tan, a fair young woman with a burning spirit. Like his father he was strong, he had always been taller and stronger than the other boys, and could always beat them. But he yearned to fight, and a small village could not contain his desire.
At the age of 19 he left home. After his execution Lu Bu’s armour and Halberd had been sent to his family, while Lu Bu had commited crimes against them Cao Cao and Liu Bei saw no reason to punish his family. As a gift on his day of leaving Yun Tan presented him with his fathers belongings.
The war of the Three Kingdoms was still raging and China and there where many places for those who could fight, however there were not many places for the son of Lu Bu.
First Lu Xian turned his attention to Sun Quan, leader of the Wu kingdom. He was the one most likely to accept him. As he rode up to the gates of Sun Quans palace a thousand archers had their bows trained on him.
“Lower your weapons! I come not to fight! I am neither Shu nor Wei!” At this the archers did indeed lower their weapons, and out strode Lord Zhou Yu, advisor to Sun Quan, surrounded by soldiers.
“What is your business here?” Lu Xian dismounted and stood proud.
“I am Lu Xian! Son of Lu Bu! I come to offer my services to Sun Quan!” Zhou Yu replied with a snigger.
“Leave now snake! I knew your father and his treachery was legendary! If you are his kin indeed then you will be no different!”
Lu Xian screamed in fury, where would his fathers name not tarnish his?
“Be warned Zhou Yu, you had your chance! Do not crawl to me when under the service of another general I crush your armies underfoot!” With that he mounted and sped away.

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Very good descriptions, I especially liked the “ripped from his mother’s womb”. Haven’t seen that expression before, it’s quite powerful.
Maybe a little lacking on the descriptive side since you rush forwards a lot, however it does work fine as a prologue. :slight_smile:

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Part 2 The betrayer of the father becomes the master of the son…

Lu Xian then turned his attention to Wei. He knew that Cao Cao would not accept him for much the same reason as Sun Quan, but Lu Xian had to try. When he arrived at the nearest Wei camp he saw great fires and merry making. Before he could enter he was stopped the giant figure of Dian Wei.
“Halt there stranger, what is your business?”
“I am not an enemy, and I wish to speak with Cao Cao. I could be a friend, depending on how I am received.” So away strode Dian Wei. Then a few minutes later surrounded by his bodyguards Xiahou Dun and Xiahou Yuan, Cao Cao emerged.
“What is it that you want?” Lu Xian once more dismouted and stood tall.
“I am Lu Xian son of Lu Bu, I offer you my services.” Cao Cao spat at Lu Xian.
“Begone! You are of the flesh of a snake! Leave before I have you killed.” Lu Xian turned his back on Cao Cao.
“Very well, but beware Cao Cao, I shall tell you what I told Sun Quan, you had your chance, do not beg for my forgiveness when under the flag of another I destroy your empire.”
Lu Xian had only one choice left: Liu Bei. At his fathers execution Liu Bei could have saved his life, but instead he encoureged Cao Cao. Whilst his love for his faher was minute, he still resented Liu Bei.

I liked it. Please contiune.

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Hmm, is this the whole chapter? You star off nice with the descriptions of what they are doing, can you go on like that and add descriptions of the scenery as well? It’s a little underfed, good otherwise.