DW7: classes and shit

Does anyone have a list of the level limits for class training in each area on DW7? I’m trying to find a good place to do so early in the game, but I’ve been riding the line level wise since I’m running the game at 300 fps on an emulator and thus have little concept of game time while training classes. On a side note the game is much more tolerable at this speed than it normally is.

I don’t understand your question. You should see if the shrine doesn’t answer your questions. Hellhawk substituted for Mr Saturn so the shrine is about 95% complete.

every area in the game has a level limit. If you are above the limit then battles no longer count for the advancement of classes. For example: if you are above level 24 you cannnot raise class levels in Dharma region on disk 1.

I don’t know of any source for the level limits for class growth in certain areas. I have no idea how far you are in the game, so I don’t really have any advice for where to go.

There’s only one place with no level limit for class growth, but that’s not available until later in the game.

I’m at the tail end of Dune region. This is my third time through and I realize that I’m overkilling things in a big way (I have a master paladin and a master sage for crying out loud) and I’m mainly looking for a listing so that I know when to stop without wasting fights.

Not a clue. I wasn’t aware there was such a limit until now. I guess that’s why its so cool that at the end, the slime fights count in a certain region.

I think I remember hearing somewhere that during Disc 1, you can only gain job advancement “points” until you hit Level 35. After that, there’s no limit.

The cap is 24 in Dharma Past, then +2 for every new region in the past… with a few exceptions. Litorud, Probina and Mardra all seem about the same, which makes sense considering the game can get a tad non-linear for a moment at that point. BUT personal experience has shown me that some dungeon-type areas in the past may add one level to the level limit. There may be other exceptions, but I’ve never had the time or drive to test all my suspicions.

The maximum level for gaining classes on disc 1 is level 36, found in the later areas of the present that actually have monsters (Baloch’s Tower, Mt Tower and the World’s Tallest Tower). For disc one leveling, your best bet early on is to do a lot of leveling in Dharma Past. Once you get near level 24, you should be able to breeze through the game until Hamelia Past, which may cause difficulty but I can’t say why as it’s a spoiler. Keep going with events from there until you can enter the World’s Tallest Tower, and that’s your best spot for leveling on disc 1. On the lower floors, the EXP rewards are paltry but all fights count until level 36.

I suspect that the Lighthouse in Coastal Past may have a level limit around 36 - or maybe even slightly higher. I’ve never tested it, as the normal EXP rewards are too high IMO, and there’s Metabbles in there as well. Plus you have to go fane-hopping to get back to Dharma Temple. I prefer leveling in the World’s Tallest Tower.

On Disc 2, the level limits for certain spoilerific areas are quite high (level 40-50ish), and some wonderful areas have no level cap whatsoever. You could still be learning classes at level 99, if you want. So once you pass disc 1, switch gears from ‘minimize EXP gains’ to ‘powerlevel’.

ah… Right now I have my party on track for murdering any random encounter instantly for quite a while (2 people with Vacuum, one nearing RockThrow) so my main thing I guess will just be to keep my powerleveling tendencies at bay for a while. I knew I shouldn’t have waited on ClockMech drops in Falrod…

Vacuum and RockThrow? You’re fine. Heck, you’re better than fine, as that means you have some fancy classes already. And don’t worry too much about leveling. What I meant by my comment was that you really shouldn’t go harvesting SlimeL8 or killing anything Metal until disc 2. I usually spend some time in Falrod trying to get gold, items and a few levels for Gabo. I know how hard it is to resist trying to win those Iron Axes from ClockMechs - they’re so damn powerful for how early you can grab one. Of course, now you can just abuse the casinos for slightly-more-powerful items (hello Lucky Panel).

I know I’m fine, this is my third time through the game, I’m just trying to not overdo things too much. I waited around in Falrod til I had 3 iron axes, so I was level 19 by the time I finished Dharma. Then I abused Lucky Panel till I had some Hacksaw Swords and miscelaneous pieces of armor. I even have a half dozen or so monster hearts tempting me. So basicly I just need to hold off til disc 2 for my mass murder of random enemies and just know that I have no further need for being heinously overpowered for a while.