Hey, what do you pick? DBZ or DVD

I say DVD because DBZ used to be on vhfag, and that was only five years ago

Plus, a lot of people dont like dbz

And if you like it, you can just buy it on dvd

I’m gonna say DBZ for two reasons:

  1. I like it
  2. I’m not gonna agree with you :stuck_out_tongue:

And vhfag? Wtf, yo. I find that offensive.

Hey, i’m fine if you like dbz

Yeah, vhfag is offensive, but i use it to tape stuff

That doesn’t even make sense. Not a single word of it.

Death Valley Driver ftw >.>

I read dbz mangas

But i never watched dbz on a dvd

OMG, that is the stupidest question EVER.


Toriyama-sensei, HE is the reson that we have this amazing anime on earth and I will FIGHT TO THE DETH to keep it alive!!!

Sorry about that… :too bad:

I voted DVDs, since unlike DBZ, it is hewn from the bones of the stillborn.

Closed for total retardation.