dvd mp3 question

I’m trying to figure out how to put a bunch of mp3s on a dvd that can be read by a dvd player. When you put the dvd in the dvd player, it brings up a menu of the different songs on the dvd and you can select which song you want to listen to and listen to them on your TV. The dvd menu programs I’ve seen won’t let you put music files on them to be read by a dvd player hooked up to a tv. Are there any programs that allow you to do this? Do most dvd players allow you to listen to mp3s on them via your tv?

If there is a way to do this, please let me know. Thanks.

Sounds like a function of the specific DVD player, as it would require the DVD player to have an MP3 decompression chip, or just be able to read the MP3 format in general. The only way it would be able to do this without such a function would be for the audio to be either some kind of DVD-specific music format (maybe there is one, but i don’t think so), or for a DVD to be burned as an AudioCD (probably impossible, but this would let any player read it).

What DVD player were you able to play MP3s on? Check the manual to see if its a specific function of the player, and if it is, it should tell you how to do it.

Some DVD players will play MP3 files (mine does, but it also plays DivX files… that was the main reason I bought it, in fact). Check the specs on yours. If it doesn’t, you’re pretty much out of luck I think. Stick to audio CDs.