DVD Decryptor

I have some DVD’s that I’d like to make music videos of. So what program do I need to get shit onto my computer? Any special recommendations? Please keep in mind that I am computer dumb *

You guys are poo poo heads. Look’s like it’s trial and error for me…

Try this link, maybe? Sorry I can’t help you more; I’m not well versed on this subject.


:stuck_out_tongue: I didn’t respond because the answer to your question is in your thread title and it confused me.

The program most (or at least i) people use is…well…“DVD Decrypter”. It can bust most CSS dvds, but newer stuff is going to be using tougher encryting than CSS, and it won’t work on those.

And the link I posted contains a tutorial for said program, so give that a try. What kind of music video are you making?

haha oh. I’m a dork. I just heard the term somehow. I didn’t know it was an actual program.

So these things wont hurt my DVDs?

I’ll check out that link Dalton, but amv tutorials confuse me :S

No, not at all. Its pretty much the same as when you rip music files from your CDs. Just, there is the added step of unencoding the files.

Well this sucks…DVD Decryptor isn’t detecting my DVD’s…why?

As in it isn’t detecting the drive? Or it detects the drive, but not the DVDs?

I assume, the DVD’s. Both programs that I tried (Smart Ripper, Decryptor) both said No DVD found! upon start up or something to that effect.

Then you are probably missing your aspi layer. Quoting straight from daltons article, are you running XP or 9x/ME? If its XP, then you need to install an ASPI layer, which is described how to do in dalton’s article.

I have ME. I had my webcam installer CD in the drive when I started it up though and it detected that…

:OO Weird. What is the title of the DVD you’re trying, and who publishes it? It may be that it has some Post-CSS protection, and cannot be copied.

The ones I tried were Hero, Donnie Darko, and Angel season 5.