DVD Burning

I finally caved and got myself a DVD in an attempt to stick anime episodes onto DVD+Rs. I managed to install it okay (first time I opened up my computer, woo). First thing I tried to do was make a regular DVD (with menu etc.). However, I was surprised twice. Firstly, I apparently couldn’t fit more than four episodes on a DVD (which amounts to about an hour and a half of video). Considering movie DVDs are often close to 3 hours long with excellent video and sound quality, that bites. Secondly, when I hit the “Burn” button, it gave me the predicted time required as FOUR HOURS. Sure, it has to “transcode” the stuff, but an hour for a 23-minute episode? O_o

Btw, I have an AOPEN DVD+/-RW drive, I was using Nero Express 6.0 (came with it) and the episodes in question are DivX-encoded. Is this normal, or is there something weird going on?

I’d say its a little bit above normal. Using Nero Vision 3 to encode a 700 meg file last night took me 2 hours.

However, i could’ve fit easily 5 copies of it (even transcoded) onto the DVD. Are you using single, or double layer DVDs?

Single layer.

DVD Movies are recorded on Dual Layer DVDs. Double the capacity. When you’re burning your DVD movies, you are recording on single layers. As for encoding, it depends on your processor speed and RAM amount, but it takes QUITE a while to encode video. Even on my PC, it takes me hours to burn a full length DVD.

Oh, and if you’re looking at copying DVDs, you’re going to have to download a copy of DVD X Copy, probably the easiest way to duplicate copyrighted DVDs.

I’m not copying DVDs.
Anyway… I thought dual layered were the DVDs that have both sides with the silver coating? Most movies don’t look like that.
Man… if I knew it took so long to burn DVDs, I probably wouldn’t have bothered with it. What a pain. >_<

Dual layered DVDs are single sided discs that can hold up to 8.5GB and are capable of recording data on 2 seperate layers. It should’t take 4 hours to burn a dvd, on my burner it only takes about 20 minutes. I use Recordnow deluxe for all of my burning though, so that might be the difference. I would check and see what your burn speed is set to also.

I think he means encoding, theres no way burning a single layer disc would take 4 hours, even at 2x.

Yeah, the encoding is what takes so long. -_- Bloody annoying, it means every time I want to burn a DVD I’ll have to let it run overnight.

EDIT: OK… I tried burning a data DVD, and it took 15 minutes. So that part’s fine. I went back to Nero, still 4 hours… I left it overnight. It worked okay, and plays fine on my PS2, but the image on my TV is cut off at the bottom (meaning I can only see the top of the subtitles)! It looks fine when I play it on my computer though. Any ideas?