Bah, your email is broken, might want to get that fixed. Anyhoo, I tried to send you an email with stuff about your Tactics Ogre shrine, but I got an email back saying Duo@rpgclassics.com doesn’t exist and whatnot. Well, here’s the email text:

Hey dude, in your Tactics Ogre: KOL walkthrough, in the emblems section, under the Don Quixote emblem, it says “Intellegence +10”, when it should be “Intelligence -10” because it lowers intelligence, not raises it. Also, the word “Intelligence” was spelled wrong.

BTW nice guide so far, keep it up.

Private Messages, dude

duo is that guy what capitalizes every word he types…i think.

Moron! beats with club

There is nobody named Duo going to these message boards at this time. Perhaps this staffer is not around anymore, which makes sense- considering that he won’t respond.

Oh- and there was no reason to call him a moron, “Kazuki.” He was merely asking a question.

Either take it to a PM or find another way to contact him. Don’t waste threads that will be closed soon enough.

It’s an in progress shrine, meaning he’s not staff yet, meaning he doesn’t have an @rpgclassics.com email.

Use PMs.