Dunno where I got this idea but..

Okay, so I do know where I got this idea. Been watching George Of The Jungle (both the original & #2), and Tarzan, and this…really weird idea crept into my mind a while ago.
Yeah, another one of my weird ideas. Yep, the Yolei-chicky’s in it too, but it’s not nearly as angsty/dark as the other two AUs I started.
On that note, the idea of Zell being lost in a jungle at an early age (five-ish according to my little prologue-scribble down below) and being raised by an uber-intelligent monkey (the result of a failed science experiment) sounds quite interesting to me.

Introduction thingy
In the heart of the jungle, a five year old cries for his mother. Many hear him, but most ignore the sound. Noone knows how he got there, and nobody cares as long as he leaves them alone.
Suddenly, a creature moves towards the child, engulfing him in shadows. The creature is Moki, a monkey granted abnormal intelligence from a human’s failed science project. She sniffs the child, then lifts a paw to his face, making the first contact and unofficially welcoming him into her jungle…

…Meh…I think I’m just gonna make that a bit more detailed and incorporate it into actual story…tis too short to amount to anything yet. Oh well. Bear with me…

Hey Baby, nice butt