Dunno if This Should Be In The ToB Or Not..

Everyone posts quizzes in here, I’ve observed, so maybe this belongs in here too?

Ever wonder what your nickname would be if you went to prison?:o

Go Here

Interesting little site…I got Soap Jockey:fungah:

Um… I refuse to post what mine would be. -_-;;; And considering the kind of names it generates… I think it should prob’ly be in the tob, yeah. ^^;

Ah, sorry about that.

Erm… whore.

Oh you just KNOW I’m taking this one…


Yeah, to second Astral, this has very high potential for being too “descriptive” for the main forum.

I got “Commie Girl” for my real name. “Kaiser Almasy” got something I probably shouldn’t repeat here… :wink:

Goes to check what 'Kaiser Almasy gets


I got ‘Donkey Schlong’. I kinda remember these words back from Beavis & Butt-head.

Cute name Kaiser.

I will not go into mine.

Cute. =P

(I especially like the ‘Seduce Women with Hypnosis’ banner at the bottom…SEDUCE THIS, FOO! p:unch:: )

Originally posted by Trillian
[b]Cute. =P

(I especially like the ‘Seduce Women with Hypnosis’ banner at the bottom…SEDUCE THIS, FOO! p:unch:: ) [/b]

Yeah- its horrible:

"Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Dr. Robert Jacobs, Certified Hypnotist. I would like to take a moment of your time to tell you about a phenomenal technique I discovered which allowed me to meet, date, and seduce literally hundreds of women by hypnotizing them.
As a hypnotist, I realized that I could use my skills to
easily hypnotize and seduce any woman that I chose!

I wanted a fast, easy way to make women surrender to my will, so I could quickly attract and seduce the women I wanted. Finally, through relentless research, I’ve discovered an absolutely amazing method that allows Anyone to easily Secretly Hypnotize any woman, Instantly, without them even realizing it!

Is Having This Awesome,
God-Like Power
With Women Ethical?

It really depends on how you look at it. After having been through two failed marriages, I realized I wasn’t getting any younger, or more attractive. And simply being a “nice guy” wasn’t getting me anywhere in the modern dating game. I knew I had to do something to change my life…FAST!!!

Which is exactly why I developed this Amazing System! After I began to systematically apply these easy-to-learn secrets, I was able to meet, seduce and have sex with more hot women than You can imagine! "

This abso-fracking-lutely disgusts me.

EDIT: JSYK, I clicked on it after Trillian mentioned it.

Wouldn’t that qualify as rape?

Originally posted by StarStorm
Wouldn’t that qualify as rape?

I’d call it rape- and I think rape is more disgusting than murder, personally.

Maybe we should spam him with emails proclaiming “Seduce your right hand with Hypnosis!”

This thread definitely deserves to be ripped asunder by the topicmongers in the ToB.

Yes why didnt I just do that.I can just FEEL the hate being directed towards me…:fungah:

Originally posted by Evangelion
Yes why didnt I just do that.I can just FEEL the hate being directed towards me…:fungah:

Oh. Yes. We hate you. Really we do. :stuck_out_tongue:

Actually, my hatred is being directed to “Dr. Robert Jacobs”

I tried this, I input “The nebagram” and got a name I absolutely despise being called even now -_-:fungah: with my real name I got The recptacle (sic), the spelling of which just goes to show how well put together this quiz is :wink:

Oh. Yes. We hate you. Really we do.

See?I knew it!You came right out and said it…:thud:


And I am soooo sorry about the banner thing, if I knew people would look at that and not like its contents, I wouldnt have posted the link.I didnt even see the banner, I just thought the name thing was funny, so wasnt paying much attention to anything else.Truely sorry!:eek:

Naw, you’re ok, Evangelion.

“Dr. Jacobs”, however, can go jump in a piranah-infested lake. :slight_smile:

I hope that he mis-hypnotizes somebody and gets his genitalia ripped off and fed to him. Then the woman can leave him there to bleed to death. :slight_smile: