Dungeons and Dragons, 2nd Edition Help

I’m looking for some rules regarding weapon specialization found in the Combat & Tactics book for AD&D 2nd edition. Basically, I wanted to know the effects of specialization and the proficiency costs and required levels and such. If any of you have this information or have a link to it, that would be cool.

I know this. Let me find my table… It’s actually in the PHB, by the way.

Crap! My PHB went missing! I think I can remember it, though.

Specialization adds +1 to your attack and damage rolls, as well as (I think) adding extra attacks.

I think Warriors under level 7 get 3 attacks every 2 rounds, 7-13 get 2 attacks a round, and 13+ get 5 attacks every two rounds, with specialized weapons.

Other classes cannot specialize in weapons.

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