due to random demand

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I see no references to The Authority.


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What random demand?

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It’s like everything you wanted to know about communism, but were afraid to ask. Excellent job. I’m guessing you had more than four sources right? All my papers have to have a minimum of 10.

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from Merlin’s “chef-d’oevre”

The New Economic Policy that Bukharin would become most strongly associated with was thus a natural antithesis to Stalin’s consolidation of political control. This gradualist preaching opposed the rapid centralization tendencies of the Stalinist bureaucracy.

The new era of “free enterprise” benefited not only the peasants and small businessmen, but also the industrial workers. The trade-unions, organized under the leadership of Michael Tomsky, were permitted to strike against the private capitalists, and accordingly it was thought necessary that they be allowed to strike against state enterprises also, even though they were urged not to do so and reminded that by so doing they were by definition striking against themselves.
Who knows, if it would have been maintained indefinitely, USSR could still exist. Now that I think about it, the Chinese are using a sort of extension or derivative of NEP successfully.

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in the communism thread that was here a little while ago I mentioned that I was writing my senior thesis on something to do with communist russia. People wanted to see the chapter when it was done, and so there it is. Keep in mind that what is there is only one chapter of a likely 4-5 chapter project. Also I am thinking of abandoning it because these days I have difficulty grappling with the pragmatic utility of such academic endeavors.

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