With the advent of my new computer coming within, say, the next 2 weeks, I’ve decided I’m going to start back up with my music video creation what-have-you.
My first video will definitely be Trigun. I never managed to make one with that anime, and now I’m freakin’ doin that shit.

I need suggestions for other animes that are under 30 episodes (due to my only getting the highest quality when it comes to raw footage, 30 episodes usually translates to multiple gigs).
Any ideas?

This really seems more Anime Board worthy.

Excel Saga.

:stuck_out_tongue: You all know what I’d say, although I’m not expecting you to do it.

Saber Marionette J

Check out Count of Monte Cristo (aka. Gankutsuou). It’s a very stylized, trippish series. It’s licensed now, but I think there was a complete fansub done. Shouldn’t be TOO hard to find.

Hellsing. A music video for that with some nice, dark tune would rock really hard.

Gunslinger Girl, though not a great anime in general, it has alot of possibility for an AMV.

I’d also like to see someone pull off a non-shitty FLCL one, but that would be difficult i think.

Have you seen the FLCL one to Reel Big Fish - Kiss Me Deadly?

Although I’d love to try for FLCL. I’ll do eeet :open_mouth:

Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex would be good…I just don’t know exactly how long it is.

Fooly Cooly!
Record of Lodoss War ( TV and OVA )!
Serial Experiments Lain!
Kare Kano!

Yeah Ghost in the shell: SAC was 26 episodes, i like it’s opening animation and song too. Suppose Full Metal Alchemist could have good material for a music video, Ready Steady Go is a good song imo. Samurai champloo, i like it’s beginning song too. Just happen to like the songs for these. Sure a music video for Tokyo Godfathers or Spirited Away would be cool; however, there wouldn’t really be too many scenes to make for an interesting music video probably.