Dude, where is hades

In response to the recent rise of the Uriel alert, I notice Hades hasn’t been around for a while. Where is he, anyway?

Maybe he argued with the wrong Sherman tank driver about the relative superiority of Samurai

My personal guess was to telling someone like my Muay Thai sensei about how American Martial arts didn’t each anything.

He’s in Canada.

Or maybe he’s jacking off over Asuka.

I really hope it is some combination of all three. martia larts master tank driver he got into an argument with in Canada, because they were disgusted at his Shinji-referencing behaviour.

I’m pretty sure he talked about how he didn’t need this place anymore, and he had a more cool internet message board to hang out at.

My manly pride is stung.

If you payed any attention and was a true e-stalker like myself, you would have noticed he recently posted here:

Hades just started undergrad I think, or is about to.

“Who cares?” is the real question. No more asinine arguments over semantics and petty shit such as that.

No, you’re wrong.

Who cares. I sure hell don’t.

Which Hades? Sorry if im asking xD.

The one in FF7.

I thought we were discussing the one from FF9. He is pretty difficult to locate.

Oh…Lol i should have known well i havent gotten far in FF7 so dont mind…

This is true. Infact you don’t even see him, atleast in FF7 you can see the materia shining.

Ha ha ha

Funny tidbit, for anyone who cares to know. If you break down “Hades” the right way in Greek, you can actually end up with “A-Ides,” the unseen one.

Hades I actually love you!

Actually I only posted that so I’d be ontopic enough to say that some weird guy named Zergling Minor which I vaguely remember a story being told about is PMing me telling me I’m pretending to be him. SHIT!

Hades Hades Hades Hades